Gather Your Family with Home Video Conferencing

Connect with your loved ones from all across the globe! Enjoy fast and secure video conferencing and call away to your heart's content! Plan birthdays by splitting audio streams to discuss things privately and host the best at-home video calls.

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Got some home repairs ruining your video calls or children running around in the background? Just replace your background with a new and refreshing one! Breathe life into boring walls and change the background weatherman-style. It doesn’t matter if your home is a mess, or you are at the beach. In two clicks, you can replace any background with a suitable one!

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Creating 3D backgrounds with setted up lighting, animated video textures and ambient sounds to create full immersion and use it as a great ice breaking tool together with an enlarging amount of people enabling cameras.

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Record any talks, videoconferences, or events and save them to the cloud for future playback. Our latest AI technology automatically provides you with a short video of every video call you miss, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed. Whoosh will extract the most relevant information and provide a transcript so that you can get up to speed in just a matter of minutes.

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Use gestures to control anything and everything during your video calls! Our gesture recognition software allows you to change color, transparency, and, most interestingly, interpret gestures into emojis online.

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It’s high time to upgrade your videoconferencing experience and look camera-ready 24/7 without much effort. Our high-end camera lenses are here to digitally airbrush your image and improve your visual appearance in real-time.

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Get your best video experience without turning your camera on even on slow connections with photo realistic avatars, background replacement, and voice changer. Have a video call without revealing your face and at the same time remain recognizable.

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Discussing something during the speaker’s presentation is now possible. Communicate with anyone while the main speaker is talking. With this kind of audio splitting, you will continue to hear the speaker, but the volume level decreases. Preference is given to the one on whom your attention is focused.

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  • HD video with impressive sound

    Experience ultimate audio and video clarity during online video calling with friends or family by muting background noise.

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    Use Whoosh’s handy helper to schedule calls that suit the time zones and work schedules of all participants. Have fun with masks, filters and backgrounds with your family.

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    Spruce up
    your video calls

    Host closed events with your family for a limited number of people for a TGIF gathering or create open events for any and everyone to join. Find new acquaintances and get inspired by people across the world.

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    Stay close
    at all times

    Your loved ones are closer than you may think. Call a friend just for a minute when you need them or hold an online all-night-long stress-free video party. No matter how far apart you are, with Whoosh you are always close to your family and friends.

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    Plan all

    Plan your family vacation in advance with Whoosh. Make a to-do list, schedule meetings, and manage tasks together with your family.

  • Event organizer assistant

    Easily schedule calls using our handy helper, an assistant that helps you find the right time slot according to different time zones and work schedules of all participants.

  • Make decisions together

    Your sister doesn't know what dress to choose for the wedding? Daddy doesn't know what car to choose? Be there when your loved ones need you. Upload photos to the chat room and take a poll among your family.