Web-Based Video Conferencing

If you’re a part of a remote team, you’re definitely no stranger to video conferences. Looking at how the situation in the world is evolving, let’s face the fact that this technology is here to stay. But not every platform allows arranging web-based video meetings. Today, our team is pleased to introduce Whoosh, the latest web conferencing solution.

What is web-based video conferencing?

Web conferences, just like traditional video conference calls, offer users an opportunity to host audio and video meetings involving two or more participants. The major difference between these two types of tools is that using web-conferencing software you can set up or join virtual meetings right from any web browser without having to install a special app on your device.

Are there any benefits for a remote team?

Sure. Have a look:

1. Easy to join a video meeting

Web conferencing software allows all meeting participants to join an online meeting with just a couple of taps. All they have to do is follow the link to the web conference, and they will immediately find themselves in a virtual room where they can join the conversation with others. Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?

2. Quick and secure access

Most modern video conferencing apps offer hosts to additionally protect a virtual conference room by special access codes, meeting IDs, or passwords. By doing so, they not only add an extra security layer to video calls, but also protect them against uninvited guests who can distribute spam, malicious information or files, or steal the personal data of other participants.

3. No need to install special software

Almost all modern and reliable video conferencing tools offer the opportunity to use their web version to organize or join video chats right from a web browser. That's why when you receive a link to a conference, there's no need to worry and free up space on your device for one more application - you can enter the chat without it.

4. Available for free

In case you're just another meeting attendee that is invited for a chat, you don't have to worry about the financial side of things. Usually, it's the host's responsibility to pay a service fee. Furthermore, many video conferencing solutions, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, offer a limited free video conferencing plan with 40 or 60 minutes included.

Whoosh: a cutting-edge video conferencing solution for business

Browser-based virtual communication has greatly exploded in recent years but still, it can be challenging for some businesses to turn from an office-based into a video-first culture. That’s why our team has come up with a perfect solution for all remote business teams - Whoosh.

What to expect inside?

Enjoy Full-HD video quality and impressive sound

Take part in unlimited meetings and enjoy a high-quality video chat experience with everyone, no matter where they are currently located. Full-HD quality, enhanced sound, background noise muting - everything for a memorable experience. Need to quickly discuss an important issue with your colleagues? Enable audio stream splitting and chat as long as you want without fear of disturbing the main speaker.

Discover brand-new video conferencing features

Whoosh is a truly smart app with a wide range of AI-driven features. Live up your speech with gesture recognition that is able to turn gestures into emojis or change presentation slides. Refresh your look and make it professional with fantastic touchup tools and virtual backgrounds. Or create a photorealistic avatar - your virtual twin that looks like a real person similar to you or anyone you choose.

Record worthy moments with Mementos

Missed an important event and don't want to rewatch a 2-hour long video recording? Let AI create a short video mashup containing all memorable moments of a missed meeting. What is more, every recording includes a transcript to quickly catch up with all the information in case you don't have a spare minute to watch Mementos.

Engage with distant people in a virtual room

Whoosh can boast of a simple and user-friendly interface that allows starting remote meetings with just a couple of taps. You can invite up to 100 participants to a single conversation. So our app is perfect for arranging large-scale webinars and masterclasses. What is more, there are many useful tools for effective at-home collaboration - screen sharing, whiteboard, weatherman mode, and more. 

Stay safe online with 100% secure video conferencing software

Don’t worry about personal data safety and distributing confidential documents. Everything you share while using Whoosh is secured by the latest web protection and no one can ever get access to it. Moreover, a meeting host can apply additional security measures by locking a conversation room and sharing an access code with invited participants.

Compatible with all platforms and operating systems

Our mission is to make web and video conferencing affordable and available for everyone. So with Whoosh, you don't need to download the app, just take your favorite device — smartphone, tablet, or laptop — open a browser and engage in impactful and interactive online meetings.