Virtual background for video conferencing

Tired of tidying up for each video call or just having no time to clean up the mess around your home office? Keep everything in order with Whoosh, a brand-new app with a broad range of background images for video conferencing.

What is a virtual background?

Apps for online meetings are extremely popular nowadays. You will hardly find a company without having half of its workforce working from home. To make this process more comfortable for users, developers have created a perfect tool - virtual backgrounds. They serve to remove a real backdrop and switch it to a stylish and pleasant view of a neat office, eye-catching nature views, minimalistic brick walls, or geometric patterns. Users can choose from various options:

  • A static background image
  • Animated effects
  • 3D pictures
  • Video clips
  • Any own image

Why should I use a virtual background?

Online conferences can be tiring and boring, especially with people located far away from each other and already under stress. That's why virtual backdrops have almost infinite possibilities:

  • Liven up dull video calls
  • Look visually appealing
  • Let the speaker relax a bit
  • Help to prepare for an important meeting much quicker
  • Tell more about meeting participants (their hobbies, interests, or current mood)

Looking for a perfect Zoom background?

Zoom has been a popular video call app for several years. It was among the first platforms that introduced the virtual background feature. But did you know that there are other video conferencing solutions with a similar tool but better performance and more options to try?

Meet Whoosh, a powerful competitor to Zoom background images!

Whoosh: a revolutionary solution for online communication

Whether you’re working remotely enjoying the coziness of your home office, or sitting in a cafe drinking coffee, it may be hard to keep the backdrop tidy or find a private place, where you can concentrate on your duties without worrying about the view behind. 

That’s when services for hosting online meetings, like Whoosh, come in handy!

Whoosh is a great platform for hosting fun and engaging video meetings with an impeccable view behind you. Apart from providing a wide range of AI-driven features for remote meetings, it offers a great variety of touch-up tools, including free virtual backgrounds that you can apply right during a video conference.

Creative solutions for every occasion

Our team of talented designers made everything possible to turn every business meeting into a comfortable and memorable event. Hence, on Whoosh you can choose a modern conference room background of any kind: from stylish office spaces to animated nature views.

What else to try:

  • Immersive 3D images with 360° view
  • Classic office environments for formal events
  • Unique animated options for informal gatherings. For examples fall mood, birthday and more
  • AI-powered settings (automatically change brightness, contrast, and saturation, making the view more natural)
  • Various AR masks and filters to apply
  • Photorealistic avatars (free virtual background images combined with an automatically created avatar of the speaker based on a real photo)

Or just blur the backdrop concentrating the main focus on the speaker.

Other tools to enhance your online experience

  • Working with gestures: use gesticulation to control the presentation, change color and transparency, and turn gestures into emojis.
  • Full-HD video quality: see other people as if meeting in reality with our high-quality service
  • Beautification: our improved wide-angle camera will display your unique beauty, making you feel confident and ready to video chat
  • Screen sharing: look through documents, surf websites together without having to upload and download files
  • Mementos - smart cloud recording: stay tuned with a short mashup of all important moments of a missed event, generated by AI and supplemented with a transcript.