Video meeting app

What do you need to set up your next conference call? Any modern device, a couple of people you want to chat with, a stable internet connection, and a brand-new virtual meeting app - Whoosh!

Expand the borders of video meetings

If you're a remote full-time worker, just like the other 18% of people all around the globe, you should have gotten used to the fact that video calls have become a part of your work routine.

And while the most famous video-conferencing apps, like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoho Meeting, keep offering similar tools for video chats, some brand-new and unique platforms appear on the market.

Why do you need anything new?

The answer is quite simple: the modern world and the technologies it offers keep developing and your conferencing software should smartly adapt to these changes. Have you heard about AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), or AR (augmented reality)? If not, it's high time to do that and finally expand the borders of web conferencing!

According to Statista, these smart technologies will rule the world in the nearest future. For example, this source prognoses that by 2024 the global AR market is going to reach $72.8 billion worldwide.

Our team stays on track and has worked hard on the creation of the best video conferencing software with the latest technologies and is ready to introduce it to the world. But first...

Challenges of video conferencing platforms

Being almost a fully remote team, we clearly understand what it is to take part in video and audio group meetings several times a day. For many people, it's an unpleasant activity that entails stress, anxiety, and dissatisfaction with the way they look during a video conference.

But should it remain that way?

Our talented developers decided to create the best video conferencing app to help all meeting participants successfully fight video call fatigue. So what have we come up with?

Whoosh: a brand-new video conferencing app

Meet Whoosh, the latest application aimed at transforming a traditional video chat into an outstanding virtual experience. So what is so special about it? Let's see!

Crystal clear video quality and supreme sound

When you host or join video conferences, video and audio quality must be on par. Nobody wants to see pixelated versions of other meeting participants or wait till the connection is fine. With Whoosh, you can be sure that your interlocutors always see a Full-HD image and hear each other perfectly even with a low-bandwidth connection thanks to background noise cancellation and audio stream splitting.

Upscale AI-powered tools

Whoosh is powered with AI, AR, Computer Vision, and ML technologies that make online meetings more interactive, intuitive, fast, and hassle-free. Using our platform, you can try gesture and pulse recognition, virtual scheduling assistant, weatherman layouts, and fantastic touch-up tools. They will not only let you work more productively but also make the virtual experience comfortable and enjoyable.

A free video meeting app for everyone

We want to make Whoosh affordable for every person in the world. That's why its free version includes all the basic features required for flawless and stable virtual communication: unlimited Full-HD video meetings with up to 4 meeting participants, screen sharing, instant join in any browser, chat function, AR content, virtual backgrounds, gesture recognition, and many more.

100% secure video conferencing solution

Whoosh is not going to repeat the mistakes of other video meeting apps and put the personal data of our users at risk. With us, every video conference, message, and file is under strong web protection. To that end, we use the following tools: multi-party encryption, compliance with globally proven security certifications, host controls, a meeting link, and a unique session ID.

Set up a video call worth recalling

Remote work should not remain boring, ineffective, and entailing loneliness. Let's move on from a total routine to engaging and interactive virtual group meetings, where remote workers can collaborate with their co-workers, brainstorm genuine ideas, and just keep in touch with the world around them (even with the most distant places).

Join meetings with one of the best video conferencing apps - Whoosh. Our team will make everything possible to take your virtual conference experience to a whole new level of comfort, joy, and productivity.