Best Video Conferencing Service

Looking for reliable video conferencing software to enhance the online communication experience? Why not try Whoosh, a super convenient video conferencing platform with a wide range of advanced features that will connect you with the rest of the world!

Let’s stay in touch with video conferencing services!

If you’re like many other people who have switched from white office walls to a comfortable and cozy home workplace, you definitely need the best video conferencing software to keep in touch with your team members, host meetings, and collaborate on various tasks and projects.

Fortunately, the market offers a broad range of virtual conferencing services for various needs. Some of them require much time to learn how to use; others are simple but lack essential tools. Besides, some video meeting services charge huge monthly payments that will be challenging for small businesses and startups to afford.

That's why it's essential to prepare a little before choosing the best option for yourself.

Why do I need video conferencing apps?

It's impossible not to notice how rapidly our world changes, how fast is the rise of instant means of communication, and how serious is the globalization of businesses. For you, as a small business or a startup owner, it's crucial to stick to that pace in order to globalize and develop, expand the clients base, build strong relationships with stakeholders, partners, and suppliers. But how do you keep track of it all? The answer is quite simple - try video conference services.

What benefits can they entail for my business?

1) Rise of productivity: audio and video meetings are highly convenient for a problem-solving conversation, quick sync, or a new task discussion.

2) More engaging than plain audio meetings: during audio conferences, it's easy to get distracted by something, miss an important point of a conversation, or just multitask. But video calls force us to maintain eye contact and be more engaged in a chat. 

3) Money & time savings: with video chat platforms there is no need to spend time and money on travel to and from the office, go on business trips, or spend large sums of money on expensive office equipment. 

4) Stronger team connection: remote workers are usually separated for different reasons: some are working from distant locations, while some are just on the road. But such distances don't matter if your team uses a reliable web conferencing app that connects people from every corner of the globe.

5) Communication improvement: it's a common fact that people absorb visual information better than audio and text. Hence, video conferences represent the most efficient way to communicate and collaborate remotely.

How to find the best video conferencing software?

To tell the truth, there are tons of web conferencing solutions for you to choose from. Our world and its modern technologies keep developing while various kinds of useful software for business keep appearing on the market. Remote and hybrid jobs are going to last, so your virtual conferencing systems are expected to be the heart and the soul of your team.

What are the most popular platforms?

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • RingCentral

And that's just the smallest part of the whole range! The search for an ideal video meeting app takes much effort, so to save your time, our team wants you to have a look at our brand-new video communication software, which is going to take web conferencing to a whole new level of interactivity and engagement.

Meet a perfect video conferencing solution: Whoosh!

Our team has worked hard to create the best online conferencing service that is going to transform the way we communicate on the web. Whoosh is truly a revolutionary app aimed at making virtual communication comfortable, affordable, and available for everyone.

What do its key video conferencing features offer?

Relish Full-HD video quality and enhanced audio

Each video call made via our online video chat app is worth turning the camera on. Let other meeting participants see a vivid picture of you with Full-HD quality, which makes them forget about the miles in between. Enjoy supreme sound without any interference thanks to background noise canceling and sound separation.

Refresh your look and change the background

Not having a minute to tidy up? Try our excellent touch-up tools to look professional and ready to work. What is more, if you don't see a pleasant view behind, easily change the messy backdrop to a neat working space, cozy home atmosphere, or a sunny beach view. 

Turn a meeting room into an interactive virtual space

Add a pinch of interactivity to presentations, masterclasses, webinars, and digital classes. Whoosh offers a wide range of AI-powered tools for engaging and memorable online experiences: screen sharing, whiteboard, weatherman layouts, and cloud meeting recordings. What is more, you can join and schedule meetings via Google Calendar on any modern gadget: our service is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Talk as long as you want

We set no limits on communication. A free version and all paid plans offer every user to set up and join unlimited meetings, group video calls, and informal gatherings anywhere, anytime! Host video calls and online meetings for 24 hours and share the most memorable moments with your distant colleagues, partners, and clients!

Feel 100% secure online

Hassle-free video conferencing app must offer its users high-end web protection. That's why on Whoosh, you're guarded by:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Personal meeting room ID/password
  • Compliance with globally recognized certificates
  • 24/7/365 safety monitoring