Video conferencing service

Looking for some reliable web video conferencing services to enhance the online communication experience? Why not try CallOut, a super convenient app to connect with the rest of the world!

Let’s stay in touch!

If you’re like most, you definitely suffer from loneliness, being unable to see other people as often, as before the global pandemic.

It doesn’t have to stay this way! The market offers a broad range of virtual engagement apps for various needs. Some of them require much time to learn how to use; others are simple but lack essential tools. Besides, some video conferencing service providers charge huge monthly payments.

The search for an ideal application takes much effort, so to save your time, our team created the platform, which is going to satisfy all your needs.

Meet CallOut!

We care about customers and put all efforts into the development of the app, which meets the requirements of modern users. Using CallOut, you can:

  • Relish the video quality

Each video call made via our online conferencing service is worth turning the camera on. Let others see a vivid picture of you with Full-HD quality, which makes them forget about the miles between.

  • Glam up yourself and change the background

Not having a minute to tidy up? Apply beautification filters and look stunning and ready to work. What is more, if you don't see a pleasant view behind, easily change the messy backdrop to a neat working space. 

  • Share your screen

Business events include document distribution. Instead of direct upload and download, open necessary files and show them on the screen in real time. 

  • Talk as long as you want

We set no limits on communication. You are free to organize long-lasting online meetings, webinars, and informal gatherings using our video conferencing service without any additional charge.