Best Free Video Conferencing App in 2022

It may seem problematic to gather everyone in the same room to engage in a conversation, but you haven’t tried Whoosh - the best app for virtual meetings!


Video conferencing apps are special tools that allow hosting and taking part in various types of online meetings through calls and screen sharing. They are incredibly useful for remote teams having employees working from various cities, countries, and even continents.

What are the most common examples of video meetings?

  • Virtual workshops
  • Web-based seminars
  • Online presentations
  • Informal chats with coworkers

What are the most popular video conferencing providers?

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Zoho Meeting
  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • Whoosh

Modern times - new video conferencing apps

While living in the age of the global pandemic and communication restrictions, connection apps have become an integral part of the business sphere. Every remote team has already felt the convenience of using such powerful software: it allows hosting and taking part in online events without having to leave a cozy home atmosphere. The best video conferencing apps that the market offers provide experiences that are almost as good as in-person conversations in the office.

It's quite challenging to find an ideal service due to their wide variety on the market. Besides, no one can certainly say which one will be the best video conferencing software for your own business. But you got to start somewhere. Why not try Whoosh?

Say yes to high-quality video calls

Still arranging voice-only calls? Launch Whoosh and relish the Full-HD video quality of every conference! Using our video conferencing service, you will see other people as clearly as if talking face-to-face. Despite other popular apps, we offer this feature to each user without any additional charge. Just turn on the camera on any Apple, Android, or Windows device and immerse yourself in a world of virtual communication with our cutting-edge video conferencing solution!

Enjoy the supreme sound quality of every video conference

It's a common practice to put yourself on mute when remaining silent during a video call. But what if we've got an option that will allow you not to do that anymore? Whoosh presents a revolutionary method that is going to transform the whole concept of online communication - sound separation. This feature allows meeting participants to form groups and communicate within them without fear of disturbing the speaker.

What is more, our video conferencing app also provides the opportunity to get rid of any annoying sounds that may interfere with a conversation - background noise muting. With it, you can engage in video conferences even with your kids shouting in the background or loud music playing.

Pick the best look for web conferencing

Working remotely you don’t care much about your appearance and the home office tidiness. But Whoosh cares! Its software is fully AI-based, which means it’s capable of performing some cool stuff with your look. Our talented team added several fantastic touch-up tools for you to quickly refresh yourself and make the backdrop look spotlessly clean before an important event.

Just give them a try:

  • Face retouch
  • Photorealistic avatars
  • 3D immersive backgrounds
  • Gorgeous filters and effects

Recollect unique moments with Mementos

Missed necessary information? The recent application features allow AI to record meetings and create short videos, comprising the most meaningful moments of a recording based on the assessment of the emotions displayed during a conference. Each mashup is accompanied by a transcript, which you may quickly look through, if not having enough time on watching. You can find all the files on the cloud storage of our hassle-free video meeting app, so there’s no need to worry about free space for storing them on a PC.

Best online connection software on any device

Enjoy the latest video-conferencing features on any modern gadget! Our app is cross-platform, compatible with all operating systems - Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Furthermore, you don’t even need to sign in every time you switch a smartphone to a laptop - just enter the access key shared by the meeting host and keep talking with your team, partners, or clients.