Team meeting app

Got important information to share with your teammates or want to hold a quick sync to discuss a recent project? Have a look at our brand-new service for engaging and productive team meetings!

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype: what is the secret of their popularity?

Lifesize notes: 89% of users say video conferencing helps them feel more connected. And it is no coincidence that this technology has gained such popularity over the past few years. Remote work is becoming a norm in many companies around the world. And this, in turn, drives development teams to create more and more progressive services for online meetings, work, and collaboration.

What are the most popular tools?

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • RingCentral
  • Google Meet
  • GoToMeeting
  • Whoosh

What benefits can such apps for teams bring?

Better team productivity

Working from home is tough sometimes, especially if other team members are located miles away from you. But virtual meeting apps, like Microsoft Teams or Whoosh, offer robust software perfect for setting up various types of remote business events, like daily briefings, progress checks, decision-making meetings. Such platforms are a perfect solution for businesses of all kinds and sizes that will not only keep employees engaged in a working process but help them collaborate on important projects in real time and easily connect with foreign partners or customers for making a deal.

Closer work relationships

Video conferencing provides remote team members with a convenient and effective way to keep in touch, share their successes and failures, work together on various tasks, brainstorm new ideas, and just chat during coffee breaks while staying far away from each other.

A more engaging way to communicate during teams meetings

A video call is an ideal solution for remote teams to stay in contact while being spread all over the globe. Video conferencing adds a visual component to virtual communication that makes it more interactive, impactful, and enjoyable. After all, when you look into the other person's eyes, see their facial expressions, gestures, and smiles, the desire to perform some other tasks is much less than during an audio conference.

No expenses on travel

And the last but not less pleasant benefit of organizing a virtual group chat with your teammates is that it helps save precious time and money usually wasted on traveling to and from the office. An online meetup allows its participants to invest these resources in what matters more - job duties, communication, and self-development.

Keep your team closer with Whoosh

Being almost a fully remote team, our company understands how crucial it is to keep your team connected. That’s why we created Whoosh, a team meeting app for people who work at a home office. It offers everything for keeping remote colleagues stay productive, engaged, and motivated.

Full-HD video quality and supreme sound

Spend hours talking with your colleagues enjoying a crystal clear video quality. Whoosh has introduced a powerful wide-angle camera that makes online group chats as close to real-life meetings as possible. What concerns the audio quality, it's also on par! Background noise muting drowns out all unnecessary and annoying noises, while audio splitting allows talking in groups without interrupting other speakers.

AI-driven features

Whoosh offers smart software with a wide range of AI-powered tools:

  • Gesture recognition for turning gestures into emoji and controlling presentations
  • Scheduling assistant that syncs with Google Calendar and suggests the most suitable time for your next video call
  • Touch-up tools, AR masks, and filters to refresh your look and liven up conference calls
  • Photorealistic avatars with virtual backgrounds to create a virtual twin looking similar to a real person


Weatherman layouts

Switch from traditional screen sharing to our fantastic weatherman-style layouts! This interactive feature allows setting any image, video, or slides as a background and putting the speaker in front of it just like during a weather forecast. With this feature, every presentation turns into immersive and engaging activity!

Mementos - smart cloud recordings

Missed events sometimes happen. To help you save your time on rewatching a 2-hour video recording, AI can analyze it and create a short and informative video mashup with all important moments of a missed conference. Bonus: transcripts for every recorded call are included.

Free version with all basic features

The greatest news about Whoosh is that it's available totally for free on any modern gadget - a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Free subscription includes many advanced features without any limitations: Full-HD video conferencing, unlimited calls with up 100 participants, integration with other popular services, advanced web security, and AI-driven tools.