Online Conference Call

Being a part of a fully remote team, you probably rely on virtual meeting platforms a lot. If after using several similar apps you still haven’t found a perfect one, it’s time to try Whoosh, a brand-new service for video conferencing and remote collaboration.

Keep in touch no matter what

Living in a world with communication restrictions it’s highly important to stay connected with other people - your coworkers, partners, prospects; and don’t forget about the dearest ones - family and friends. With modern technologies, you can get in touch with everyone you want, gathering them at video meetings, despite different time zones and locations.

If you open a browser and type “best conference call services”, you’ll be surprised how many applications for virtual communication exist. But where to start? Maybe with Whoosh?

Key features that make Whoosh unique

What should an app have to be called ideal for virtual communication? User-friendly interface, advanced functionality, and free conference calling that makes video calls available for everyone. Our team took into account all the wishes of users and created Whoosh - an outstanding solution that has every tool developed for successful virtual gatherings!

Full-HD video calling with outstanding sound quality

We provide audio and video calls of such exceptional quality that you won’t notice the screen between you and other participants, so clear is the image! If you're more into audio conferencing, Whoosh is going to surprise you with supreme audio quality. Excellent background noise muting along with audio splitting will help you get away from external distractions and focus on the conversation.

AI-powered software with interactive features

Artificial Intelligence along with other modern technologies such as Augmenter Reality, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning transforms every video conference into an impactful and engaging experience. While talking with others you can easily turn gestures into emojis, set a weatherman-style layout, apply masks and filters, and choose the best photorealistic avatar for you. And with our smart touch-up tools, you can refresh your look in a second!

Smart personal assistant and Mementos - cloud meeting recordings

It's rather challenging to choose the time and date of a meeting that will be suitable for each participant and correspond to the difference in time zones and work hours. Fortunately, our clever assistant will analyze your and other participants' calendars and suggest the most suitable time for the next meetup with distant guests.

With Mementos, it's so easy to stay informed about any missed online meetings. AI will record a virtual event, analyze it, and create a short video mashup based on the most important moments. It’s the best possible alternative to rewatching a 2-hour video!


100% encrypted information

Be sure, everything shared online is secured by the latest web protection, which doesn't allow access even to our developers. We use only proven web security certifications, multi-party encryption, and safety protocols. Be sure: while you're making conference calls, our specialists guard the network 24/7/365!

Free conference call service

Despite many other platforms, Whoosh offers a free plan for every user with a wide range of useful tools for video conferencing. With us, you can arrange 24-hour group meetings with up to 4 participants, enjoy Full-HD video quality, use AI-powered features, record Mementos, while being 100% secured by the latest encryption algorithms without any hidden charges.

What else to try

Being a client-centered team, we’ve created our online conference call service to satisfy your needs and wishes. So on Whoosh, you will also find:

  • 3D immersive backgrounds for any occasion from formal negotiations to a friendly chat with your colleagues
  • Screen sharing, messaging in chats, and whiteboarding
  • All platforms support
  • Unique access codes and host controls

Start a hassle-free conference call now!

Why waste time on other services, when Whoosh boasts of every tool for fruitful collaboration all within one app? Stay connected with Whoosh whenever and wherever you are! Download it now and turn remote gatherings into a remarkable and interactive experience!