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Meetups with board members are stressful events with high stakes, even being held remotely. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed before them. Fight stress easily with our brand-new application for out-of-office meetings!

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Board meeting management is a complicated process, requiring scheduling formal meetings with many participants, often located all around the globe and in different time zones. Board members usually devote their time and energy to discuss and take part in particular tasks or projects. So they often have to adjust their work hours to have a conversation with other board members and business teams. Fortunately, now it's possible to perform via online meetings. Technological progress keeps providing us with new hardware, software, and advanced tools for communication and collaboration at work, allowing for remote attendance. As with most technologies, at first virtual meetings were not ideal, but over time, developers have recognized the need for quality online conferencing software and have made significant advances in its development, equipping virtual board meeting software with a powerful set of tools for communication and work away from the office.

Virtual board meetings: what are they?

Simply put, virtual or remote board meetings are formal online events involving superiors, board members, and any other company employees, who were invited to participate. Such gatherings can be easily arranged from home or from anywhere the board director chooses. Instead of coming to the office conference room, all meeting participants are provided with access to a virtual conference room via specialized online conferencing applications. Remote participants must have a laptop, smartphone, or another modern device with an internet connection and a link to the meeting. Alternatively, team leaders can create hybrid workplaces where some board members are physically there and other boards join meetings and work online.

Benefits of online board meetings

Currently, video conferencing is a useful technology that allows companies to conduct important meetings and briefings remotely. Web-based conferences can be a good investment for your business. Let's explore what advantages a company can experience from at-home business events:

1) Productivity and efficiency boost

2) Increased engagement and involvement of every participant

3) Faster distribution of a meeting agenda and relevant documents

4) No expenses on travel

5) More opportunities for communication between board members and ordinary workers

What is board meeting software?

Board meeting software is designed to facilitate remote team collaboration, distribution and security of important meeting documents, information exchange between the directors, and the setting of a board meeting agenda. Software with AI-powered functionality is extremely helpful for hosting and scheduling meetings in companies of any size. It's capable of planning events at the most suitable time for everyone, taking into account the difference in working hours and time zones.

A modern app for web-based meetings has every tool developed for productive online communication and 100% secure information sharing through role-based access settings, ensuring only the correct person gets the information that is required.

How to choose the best software for virtual board meetings?

The features provided in any board management software must meet your company's needs and correspond to the capabilities and technical skills of your business team. If you want to choose board software that will satisfy every board member, take some time to make a list of all the necessary features you want the app to include. It's an essential step because many employees need training before starting using new technologies, and this may cause hundreds of wasted hours.

After a comprehensive analysis of the app's functionality, it's time to explore the market offers. Fortunately, there is a great variety of services capable of organizing such significant events, involving large groups of geographically separated people. They allow hosting virtual conferences, ensuring connection quality, data security, and accessibility for all participants.

A perfect online board meeting service is hard to find, but we’ve managed to develop software that will surpass any requirements.

Do business with Whoosh

Enhance communication experience using our app that is created for arranging all kinds of corporate gatherings, starting from a formal meeting with superiors and ending with team-building activities and workshops. Try the most effective collaboration tools for high-quality remote meetings:

Enjoy Full-HD video and superior audio quality

Our professional board meeting software is aimed at providing the best possible service for high-quality online communication. That's why each member of a video call can enjoy Full-HD video quality even with a low-bandwidth connection. What is more, audio is also crispy and clear thanks to special sound enhancement tools: sound separation and background noise muting.

Accompany each online meeting with interactive activities

Virtual board meetings, presentations, and all-staff events shouldn't be boring and neverending. With Whoosh, you can draw on a virtual whiteboard, swap a boring background with your presentation slides or any video from YouTube with our fantastic weatherman-style layouts, or create a photorealistic avatar for yourself.

Try AI-powered tools in real time

Gesture recognition, pulse and emotion detection, touch-up tools, smart scheduling assistant - this all and a little bit more is our latest AI-powered features. They are aimed at making online meetings more interactive, engaging, and comfortable.

Watch Mementos - cloud meeting recordings

Missed several agenda items or the whole event? You can record any online meeting and save it on the cloud. But here's the amazing thing: our smart AI technology is able to create Mementos - short video mashups based on the most meaningful moments of a missed event. Now you can catch up with a 1-hour conference within a few minutes. A true time-saver!