Online board meeting software

Meetups with superiors are stressful events with high stakes, even being held remotely. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed before them. Fight stress easily with our brand-new application for online board meetings!

Top management gatherings

Corporate board management is a complicated process, requiring scheduling formal meetups with many counterparts, often located all around the globe. It demands detailed communication and keeping records. 

Thankfully, the market offers a great variety of services capable of hosting such significant events, involving large groups of geographically separated people. They allow hosting virtual conferences, ensuring connection quality, data security, and accessibility for every participant.

A perfect online board meeting service is hard to find, but we’ve managed to develop software that will surpass any requirements.

Do business with CallOut

Enhance communication experience, using our app for all kinds of corporate gatherings, starting from formal meetings with top managers and ending with team-building activities. Try the most effective collaboration tools:

  • Enjoy Full-HD video and superior audio quality
  • Accompany each online meeting with drawing graphs, charts, and tables on a virtual whiteboard
  • Try screen sharing in real time
  • Quickly switch between devices
  • Record videos and watch them later