Conference Call Software

The world requires us to communicate remotely, but that shouldn’t mean total isolation. Stay in touch with Whoosh - video conferencing software developed for an outstanding virtual experience.

Why is everyone obsessed with conference call services?

Today video conferencing services are more than just apps for online phone calls, they're powerful systems, where you can host all-size audio and video meetings, get artificial intelligence assistance, and engage in team-building activities all within one web conferencing app.

This highly convenient team collaboration tool helps business teams keep in touch, despite the distance and social restrictions between them.

How to find the right online conferencing service for you?

In order to narrow down the choices, you should clearly formulate how you're going to use such an app. Do you want to get a simple tool for audio conferencing, or should it be an advanced all-in-one video meeting platform with AI tools, screen and file sharing, instant messaging, and other features?

If the second option is exactly what you're looking for, let's figure out what an ideal solution for you should look like.

The best video conferencing software should offer high-quality audio and video conference calling, a wide range of necessary tools for remote collaboration, and a user-friendly interface.

Need any examples?

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • RingCentral

Unfortunately, most of the services take substantial monthly payments, require special technical knowledge, and need to be often updated.

But our app is different! Ready to try it out?

Whoosh: a top video conferencing solution

Whoosh is a true pioneer among other video conferencing apps.

We value our customers' needs and wishes and created a unique application, where everyone is free to set up unlimited video and voice-only conference calls using the latest AI-based functionality. 

Let’s take a closer look at Whoosh superpowers!

AI-powered features for engaging video calls

If you still believe that artificial intelligence is not for everyone, we'll be happy to dissuade you - you're wrong! And Whoosh is clear proof of that fact. It boasts fully AI-powered software with the following tools:

  • Mementos

Short video mashups based on the most significant moments of recorded calls.

  • Smart virtual assistant

It's capable of analyzing your and your colleagues' working hours and scheduling virtual meetings at the most suitable time for all meeting participants.

  • Gesture and pulse recognition

AI is also capable of making online presentations more interactive and engaging by assessing the gestures you show and interpreting them as actions it should perform: change slides, start animations, mute sound.

User-friendly video conferencing

It’s really easy to start a conversation with Whoosh!

Our app is compatible with all modern devices and operating systems and doesn't require any extra technical knowledge to host web-based conferences. Just take your phone, laptop, or tablet, tap a meeting link, and enjoy flawless communication with your colleagues, partners, and friends. 

More pleasant news for you is that Whoosh offers a free plan for everyone who decided to download it! It includes all the basic functions for video conferences and online collaboration. If you decide to invest in a more advanced subscription, we'll be happy to offer professional and business plans with additional features, like business analytics, custom integration, and an expanded choice of touch-up tools.

Enhanced camera and sound

With Whoosh you can relish every minute of a video meeting as if talking in person. Why so? Thanks to our unique features - sound separation and background noise muting. Sound separation allows meeting participants to talk in groups without interfering with the speaker, while background noise muting helps to get rid of all annoying sounds - loud music or kids shouts.

What else you can try:

  • Screen sharing
  • Cloud video recording
  • Virtual whiteboarding
  • Weatherman layout

Professional web security and host controls

We understand how important the safety of personal data is for every user. That's why with Whoosh, you can conduct conference calls and be sure you'll never become a victim of spam attacks, account hacking, or personal data leakage. We keep every message, call, and file you share 100% secure.

Which technologies help us:

  • Multi-party encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • Work with only proven global security certifications
  • Host controls
  • Session IDs
  • Security passwords
  • 24/7/365 safety monitoring