Conference call software

The world requires us to communicate remotely, but that shouldn’t mean total isolation. Stay in touch with Whooshcall - online conference call software for an outstanding virtual experience.

How does this work?

Today conference call software is more than just a tool for online meetings, it’s a powerful system, where you can host all-size gatherings, use artificial intelligence and engage in team-building activities all within the same app.

Such services help business teams keep collaborating, despite the distance between them.

They establish links between offices and homes located around the globe. 

An ideal app should offer high-quality video and audio, necessary tools for remote collaboration, and a user-friendly interface.

Unfortunately, most of the services take substantial monthly payments, require special technical knowledge, and need to be often updated.

Virtual meetings with us

Whooshcall is different. We value the customers' needs and wishes and created a unique application, where everyone is free to set up unlimited video and voice-only conference calls using the latest software

Let’s take a closer look at its key features:

  • Proficient web security and host controls
  • Full-HD video and superb audio quality
  • Background replacement
  • AI-based tools: beautification and gesture recognition
  • Screen sharing and cloud recordings
  • Cross-platform access

It’s really easy to start a conversation with our app! Just take your phone, laptop, or tablet, tap the link to the meeting, and enjoy communication with your colleagues, partners, and friends.