Best conference call transcription service to save your time

Missed an important event? With Whoosh and its smart meeting recorder and transcriber, it’s so easy to stay informed about your company’s news and updates!

When to use conference call transcription services?

Despite online conferencing can be a great way to connect with team members or clients, this process can also be difficult to follow if someone isn't taking notes. Transcription services help ensure all the important details from the call are captured and everyone is on the same page.

Here are some of the most common reasons to provide transcription at any kind of online event:

  • Everyone will better understand the content
  • It'll be easier to follow along for non-native speakers
  • All participants will be more attentive
  • It's possible to watch a video without audio when staying in a noisy environment
  • The meeting host can share meeting transcriptions with absentees to keep everyone in the loop
  • It eliminates note-taking
  • Transcription serves as a handy refresher after the meeting

Try AI-driven recording meeting with Whoosh

AI transcription feature Mementos can save your bacon! If you're like us, you've probably missed something important on a conference call or worse yet, been unable to join a call at all. Having a transcription tool can help you stay on top of things and maximize the effectiveness of online meetings.

That's exactly what Whoosh offers! Our talented team is delighted to introduce a brand-new video meeting app with progressive recording and transcription software. It will definitely keep your team on the same page, even without having the possibility to join every single event your company organizes online (or offline).

Leave notes behind

Forget about the time when you took your notebook and carefully tried to write down every word the speaker said. Whoosh offers a powerful feature to record and transcribe meetings - smart cloud recordings with accurate transcription. This tool will save your meeting and generate a full transcript of everything that was said. This means you'll never have to worry about missing key points or due dates for action items.

Get smart meeting recaps

When you work remotely, sometimes you miss appointments. But Whoosh offers a revolutionary solution to this problem. Meet Mementos - AI-created short video mashups with every highlight of a missed event! They are dynamic meeting recaps with real-time conference transcription that you can rewatch or read in minutes, not hours, in your personal cloud storage. Share them with all the participants to ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Share with absentees

As a host, you can initiate the recording of a conference and share video or audio recordings with a transcript with everyone absent. This allows them to easily catch up with everything they missed. We're always looking for ways to make it easier for you to get your work done, so we've added lots of easy file sharing options:

  • Live chat inside the app
  • Email
  • Messengers
  • Link to your cloud storage

Access from anywhere

As long as Whoosh is available on all modern devices - desktops, tablets, and smartphones - you can access your conference recordings and transcriptions from anywhere. What's more, the software is completely cloud-based, which means that your files, messages, documents, and meeting recordings are saved on cloud storage. This feature is highly convenient in our digital age, allowing you not to worry that you don't have extra storage space.

Whoosh: more than transcription services

Whoosh is a video meeting app for professionals, with a suite of AI-driven tools. Create & share real-time videos with friends and colleagues, get the best out of your meetings with virtual whiteboards and meeting notes, and stay on top of your workload by organizing your meetings into a personal calendar!

More high-end features we offer:

  • Full-HD video & supreme audio quality
  • Audio stream separation & background noise canceling
  • Touch-up tools & immersive 3D backgrounds
  • Business conference calls with up to 100 participants
  • Virtual whiteboard & screen sharing
  • Interactive weatherman layouts
  • Photorealistic avatars
  • Multiparty encryption & compliance with global security certificate