Video conferencing app for android

Living in the digital age along with the pandemic situation is fostering the growth in the popularity of remote jobs. Working from home, you are free to use your own tech. Today we’d like to introduce you to the best video conferencing app for Android - Whooshcall!

Made with love

Our team works to make you happy. That’s why Whooshcall is an exceptional application. 

  • Unlimited calls for everyone

Really. We provide each customer with the possibility to engage in video conferencing using our app for Android without any additional fee. No hidden charge, unlimited conversations - everything to keep you talking.

  • Full-HD quality of each meeting

Unlike others, we ensure a high quality of all virtual gatherings. Using the service, it’s easy to forget there’s a display between you and your partner. So clear is the image.

  • User-friendly interface

The developers did their best to make the software so simple and quick, that even the least technically skilled users are able to host a conference in a few taps.

Created to impress

The Android Play Market has a couple of video conferencing apps to offer, but our service can boast of some unique tools.

  • Artificial intelligence

Feel the future is here with AI-powered software. Try its advanced features: gesture recognition, beautification, emotion and pulse detection. Now you can easily understand what’s on the mind of your interlocutor.

  • Cloud storage and recordings

AI is also capable of analyzing a video conferencing event and creating a short mashup based on the most relevant information, which you may watch later at the cloud storage of our app for Android

  • 100% web protection

Be sure, the platform is secured by the latest web protection tools. Besides, it offers several additional features to feel even more secure. A host is able to lock a virtual room, and others can enter it only after inserting an access code.