Conference call for android

Holding conferences at an office with a table and a whiteboard has outlived its usefulness. How about starting a video conference using an app for Android? Feel real convenience with CallOut!

Recent challenges

The modern world requires us to be flexible and mobile. Work needs to be done perfectly and in time. Friends and relatives should receive a call at least twice a week. How to organize communication and work effectively, saving time to relax a bit?

The answer is simple! You should upgrade your Android with an app for video calls and online meetings. It will become a reliable ally in all matters, starting from remote work issues and ending with informal talks with friends.

That’s when CallOut comes in handy.

Feel the future

The world is developing at an enormous speed. It’s time for you to develop as well. Start with the cutting-edge features we offer our customers.

  • Artificial intelligence

From gesture recognition to mood analysis, AI takes the context of a meeting beyond the conference call, serving as a productivity-enhancing tool on any Android-based phone.

  • 3D immersive backgrounds

Easily switch between various backgrounds, which are going to become perfect substitutes for an ordinary home atmosphere.

  • AR beautification

Try a new business look or just get rid of bags under your eyes with our latest Android innovation - a beautification tool, which will help you look stunning during each call or conference.

  • Virtual assistant

Tired of endless planning? With our smart assistant, it’s easy to keep everything organized. It’ll schedule all the important meetings and sync them with the calendar.

Keep in touch now

Communication is among the essential things we need to live a joyful life. Don’t let the world forget your voice and a charming smile. Turn on the camera and enjoy outstanding online gatherings with the dearest people.

  • Full-HD video 

Enjoy video conferencing as if meeting for real, not via Android screen. See other participants clearly with the Full-HD quality of each meetup.

  • Enhanced audio quality

With audio splitting and muting background noise, the service successfully reduces the chances of misunderstandings, unintelligible phrases, and annoying sounds.

  • Engagement tools

Bring interactivity to virtual get-togethers by trying online mini-games, quizzes, chat boxes, and funny masks. It’s also possible to connect several rooms so that everyone can join a video chat using our app for Android.

  • Unlimited meeting duration

Talk as long as you want with any person you like. CallOut sets no limits on communication, unlike COVID-19. 

  • Multi-platform support

You are free to use our conference call app on any of your devices; it’s suitable for all modern gadgets, from Android to Mac.

Recall the past

Don’t let important information drown in the past - stay informed no matter what. We’ve introduced several features that will help you catch up with every missed event.

  • Video mashup with a transcript

The AI-powered system is capable of assessing the emotions displayed during a conference and creating a short video mashup of all the relevant information. Moreover, it’s accompanied by a transcript, in case you don’t have time to watch the video version.

  • Cloud storage

All the recordings of virtual events are saved to the cloud storage for future reference. Now there’s no need to worry about free space on a device.

  • Document and file sharing

In case you need to distribute documents or files online, it’s really easy to do with our video calling app for your Android. To save time on uploading and downloading, you may also try screen sharing.