Conference Call for Android

Arranging meetings in the office with a table and a whiteboard has outlived its usefulness. How about starting a conference call using your Android? In this post, we’ll cover two possible ways to do that: by using a default phone app and with Whoosh, our brand-new video chat app that brings real convenience to your home workplace.

How to make a conference call on Android?

There are a few different ways to make conference calls on an Android mobile device, but the most common is probably using your phone’s built-in tool. You will only need the numbers of all the people you want to include in the chat. The process is quite similar on all Android phones, so there shouldn’t be any problems. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Dialing the first person

Open your Phone app. Navigate to the contact list and choose the first number you want to call.

Step 2: Dialing the second person

When the first number is connected, tap the Add call icon. Choose the second number from your contacts and press the dial button.

Step 3: Starting a conference

When the second person has picked up the phone, you need to connect everyone in the same line. For that, tap the Merge calls icon.

Step 4: Adding more people

If you want to expand your audience, repeat steps 2-3 for every additional participant.

Step 5: Ending the call

If you want to say goodbye, just tap the End call icon like you do with traditional phone calls.

Difficulties with conference call settings on Android

The whole process looks pretty simple. But has this option any pitfalls that users should be aware of? Wish we could say "no."

Things to bear in mind:

  • No big parties

You can’t host large-scale conferences on your smartphone. Service providers usually set specific limitations. For example, Samsung and Apple allow only up to five callers to join a conference.

  • No discounts

When you call another person via a regular cellular connection, you pay a per-minute charge. Now imagine what happens when there are 10-15 people on the call or when phoning abroad. Then, the total amount increases considerably. 

  • No convenience

Using the built-in tool is time-consuming and not really convenient. To add each new person, you have to repeat similar actions over and over again, which only complicates the task. As a result, you waste time just starting a conversation.

Is there a good alternative? Yes! Whoosh is here to help.

How to conference call on Android with Whoosh?

With Whoosh, conference calls are easier than ever. Our app allows keeping in touch with your teammates, clients, and partners while staying miles away from them without any hassle! All you need to do is to turn on the internet connection or find a WiFi hotspot nearby and share a link to your virtual room. With just a few taps, you can host a video conference call with up to 100 participants at once. Plus, with Whoosh's intuitive interface, you'll be able to manage your calls like a pro. 

So how to start an online meeting on Whoosh? Here are the steps:

Step 1. Opening the app.

Open the web or mobile app. This is 100% free, but in case you want more advanced features, we’re happy to help you with choosing a perfect plan for your needs and budget.

Step 2. Creating an account

If you want to start a meeting, first, sign up for Whoosh. But don’t worry! It takes only a few taps and you’re all set. And you can skip this step if you follow the link shared by the host.

Step 3. Sharing invites.

On the main screen, tap Create New Room and send invites with a link to the meeting to everyone who should join your conference. 

Step 4. Enjoying the conversation. 

When everyone’s on board, let’s have fun! Talk in a live chat, choose a perfect filter or a 360° background, enable weatherman-style layouts, record magnificent moments, and draw on a virtual whiteboard.

Why choose Whoosh?

The world is developing at an enormous speed. It’s time for you to develop as well. Start with the cutting-edge features we offer our customers.

  • Artificial intelligence

From gesture recognition to a smart scheduling assistant, AI takes the context of a meeting beyond the conference call, serving as a productivity-enhancing tool on any Android phone.

  • AR beautification

Try a new business look or just refresh your makeup with our latest Android innovation - photorealistic avatars and touch-up tools, which help you look stunning every second you’re online.

  • Unmatched video quality

Enjoy Full-HD video conferencing as if meeting in the reality. Our enhanced camera lens will make you forget about a phone screen and feel like you're right in the room with your distant colleagues, clients, or students.

  • Supreme audio quality

With background noise muting, the app successfully reduces the chances of misunderstandings, unintelligible phrases, and annoying sounds. And thanks to audio separation, you can collaborate in groups without interrupting the main speaker.

  • Mementos - meeting recaps

Our AI-powered system can create a short video mashup based on the brightest meeting highlights. For your convenience, we also provide a text transcript, in case you don’t have time for watching.

  • Multiplatform support

You can make hassle-free conference calls with our app on most mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Just make sure they have a camera and a stable internet connection.