Video Conferencing - Android Phone

New to video conferencing and don’t know how to set up a video call on your Android device? Get your bearings with one of the best video conferencing apps - Whoosh!

What are the benefits of video conferencing apps for Android?

Before we explore the upscale features of our latest video conferencing app, let's discuss the primary benefits that video call services bring us.

1) Be mobile

There are many situations when you're far from your laptop and an important business video meeting suddenly catches you. But with a reliable app for online meetings installed on your mobile device you don't have to worry about missing it. 

2) Save on time and expenses

Remote business meetings have made us more flexible, allowing us to save on time spent on traveling to and from the office and cut down all the costs connected with work, logistics, and equipment. Mobile apps bring us exceptional freedom of movement, communication, and collaboration in teams even with employees located miles away.

3) Keep productivity high

Working from home requires us to stay as productive as working in the office. Fortunately, video conferencing apps help us to successfully deal with our daily duties. Most of them offer high-quality video calls, smart collaboration tools, AI assistance, and integrations with other business platforms.

Stay in touch with Whoosh

Do you know that it’s possible to organize a video call involving a large group of people only with your Android device and an Internet connection?

Our team of experienced developers and designers is happy to introduce a brand-new app, which helps to stay in contact, no matter where you are. Whoosh makes things real! With this latest video conference app, it’s incredibly easy to take part in an unlimited group call with Full-HD video quality from any part of the world, any time you want.

Enjoy outstanding video and audio quality

Whoosh offers unique possibilities to connect with your distant colleagues, partners, and customers. With our app, you can spend hours engaging in an interactive video conference with the best video and audio quality. 

You can also enjoy:

  • Full-HD video calling with screen sharing
  • Sound separation
  • Background noise muting
  • Large meeting capacity: up to 100 active meeting participants

Host an engaging video call with AI assistance

Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest inventions of humankind. What concerns video conferencing with Whoosh, this technology brings a lot of interactive features:

  • Turn each meeting into an engaging process: apply funny masks and filters, draw on a virtual whiteboard, and send emojis using gestures.
  • Refresh your look with our gorgeous touch-up tools: face retouching, photorealistic avatars, and 3D immersive backgrounds.
  • Record meetings and create Mementos - short video mashups with all the best moments of a video call
  • Share news, updates, or chat with your team in our fast and simple live chat right during group meetings
  • Join conferences on other devices: Whoosh is compatible with iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems.

Get your video calls secured

Feel safe when sharing personal information online. We use the latest web protection technologies to ensure the security of each customer. Still doubting? Just lock a conversation room and no one apart from the invited people will be able to enter it. Or share an access key or a PIN code to allow other participants to take part in the conversation.

Other security tools we use:

  • Multiparty encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • Proven global security certificates (ISO, HITRUST, CSA STAR)