Enhance the digital learning experience with Whoosh and its high-end video-conferencing features: AI gesture recognition, weatherman-style layout, and virtual whiteboard. Conduct interactive online lessons where every student is always involved.

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Take your video conferencing to the next level with interactive backgrounds that improve the experience of calling from home and online learning. Breathe life into boring school white walls or simply blur the background to emphasize you as a speaker in any meetings and keep your students interested at all times. Change the background weatherman-style and comfortably make presentations with varied suitable backgrounds.

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Not everyone has time to take online classes. Record lessons and create an on-demand library so people can review or study lessons at any time. Use the latest AI technology to automatically generate a short video of the class you missed with all the relevant information delivered to you in a matter of minutes.

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Instantly ramp up your look with built-in beautification features that work in real-time to make any teacher feel confident and comfortable during any classes or weekly meetings.

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Our gesture recognition software allows you to control the presentation, change color and transparency. With us, you can keep everything organized without touching a remote control or even your phone screen.

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  • Interactive learning

    Keep your students engaged during video conferencing with several interactive educational tools and features, such as whiteboarding, online polling and virtual hand rising. Divide the students into groups and perform various activities.

  • Speech separation

    Discussing something during the speaker's presentation is now possible. Communicate with anyone while the main speaker is talking. With this kind of audio splitting, you will continue to hear the speaker, but the volume level decreases. Preference is given to the one on whom your attention is focused.

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    Zero-noise classroom

    Organize the digital learning process without extraneous background noise and with the best HD video quality and flawless sound.

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    Dividing participants

    Increase competition at lessons by splitting students into groups. Merge and divide team members as and when you see fit.

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    AI-powered analysis

    With our ultimate AI technology you can keep everything organized, monitor attentiveness and analyze emotions without any fuss.

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    Simplicity of use

    All members of a virtual lesson can easily share educational content, take notes, add their feedback, and work in groups.

  • Video mashup with a transcript

    Receive a unique video mashup of everything that took place, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed and a transcript of what was said. It can be used as a reminder of the event or for those who were unable to attend. So rest assured, you will never miss another meeting again.

  • Event organizer assistant

    Easily schedule calls with students using our handy helper, an assistant that helps you find the right time slot according to different time zones and work schedules of all participants.

  • Photo-realistic avatar

    Create a photo-realistic and accurate avatar for you in a single tap. Use it in your interactive presentations to engage your students