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Go beast mode with the best live-streaming and virtual training platform.
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Personalized training

Give your clients the special treatment they deserve. Select and adjust your training sessions based on clients’ anatomy and get personal!

Seamless Integration

Easy integration with your existing software. Our technology is harmonious with everything, starting from CRM to your daily calendar.

Virtual backgrounds

Breathe life into boring white walls or simply blur the background to emphasize you as a speaker in any meetings and keep other participants interested at all times. You no longer have to reschedule meetings because your home is a mess, or because you are at the beach. In two clicks, you can replace any background with a suitable one!

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Instantly ramp up your look with built-in beautification features that work in real-time to make you feel confident and comfortable during your weekly meetings and conference calls.

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Cloud recording

Record any training sessions and save them to the cloud for future playback. Our latest AI technology automatically provides you with a short video of every video call. Whoosh will extract the most relevant information and provide a transcript so that you can get up to speed in just a matter of minutes.

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Gesture recognition

Our latest AI technology allows you to analyze every call and control your training session using hand gestures. With us, you can keep everything organized without touching a remote control or even your phone screen.

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Smart workouts

Our technology uses computer vision, and natural language processing algorithms to check form, determine the position and orientation of body movements. Provide your clients with statistics and feedback with the best AI body screening technology.

Performance evaluation

Reduce the risk of injury in your pre-recorded sessions. Our AI technology analyzes performance and provides real-time feedback to your clients. Demonstrate the correct trajectories of the exercises and provide excellent tips and recommendations.


Save time, save money. Provide your clients with recorded feedback on demand and become an expert at time management.

Event organizer assistant

Easily schedule calls using our handy helper, an assistant that helps you find the right time slot according to different time zones and work schedules of all participants.

Screen sharing

Grow your business by using advanced video conferencing technologies. Lose no time in sharing your screen with the interlocutors! Integrate Whoosh with your services and screen share whatever information you want through desktop and mobile.