Close deals faster with our online meetings platform and unified cloud solutions. Meet with your prospects at their convenience and deliver off-the-charts sales pitches with highly interactive features, reliable room systems,
and AI-based business analytics.

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Breathe life into boring office white walls or simply blur the background to emphasize you as a speaker in any meetings. Change the background weatherman-style and comfortably make presentations with varied suitable backgrounds.

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Record any talks, videoconferences, or events and save them to the cloud for future playback. Our latest AI technology automatically provides you with a short video of every video call you miss, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed. Whoosh will extract the most relevant information and provide a transcript so that you can get up to speed in just a matter of minutes.

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Instantly ramp up your look with built-in beautification features that work in real-time to make any teacher feel confident and comfortable during any classes or weekly meetings.

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Our latest AI technology allows you to analyze every call and control your innovative presentation using hand gestures. With us, you can keep everything organized without touching a remote control or even your phone screen.

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  • Drive more sales

    Change the background, remove background sounds and improve video quality with our technology even with a low internet connection to look more professional during your video calls.

  • Get real-time analytics

    Monitor and track all system activity in a single pane. Track and report on service quality, system usage and other key performance indicators in a couple of clicks.

  • Speech separation

    Discussing something during the speaker's presentation is now possible. Communicate with anyone while the main speaker is talking. With this kind of audio splitting, you will continue to hear the speaker, but the volume level decreases. Preference is given to the one on whom your attention is focused.

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    Customer retention

    Easily discover deal risks and identify churn signals. Increase your sales with our ultimate AI technology that can monitor attentiveness, analyze emotions and check heart rate without any fuss.

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    AI-powered video analytics solution

    Capture every data point important to your business from every call to develop strategies that enhance the sales experience, stimulate retention and increase revenue.

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    Sales coaching

    Duplicate the best practices from your high-performing salespeople to become top performers and build a successful team.

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    Sales call effectiveness

    HD video and crystal-clear high-quality audio ensure that your meetings will not be disrupted by a frozen video screen or background noises.

  • Customer-Focused Approach

    Whoosh is the best tool to empower your sales teams and a massive time saver. AI will take care of scheduling outbound calls, emails, texts, follow-up tasks, and more.

  • Zero background noise

    The cheapest way to close more deals is through quality communication with the client, whether it's an actual meeting or a video conference. Eliminate background noise and take your video conferencing experience to the next level. Provide your clients with the best HD video and flawless sound without extraneous background noise.

  • Event organizer assistant

    Easily schedule calls using our handy helper, an assistant that helps you find the right time slot according to different time zones and work schedules of all participants.