Offer excellent virtual healthcare to your patients with Whoosh's cloud-based communication platform and room systems. Scale up your services with high-quality and flexible healthcare video solutions!
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Heart rate detection

Meet your patients online and reveal information about their health status from the beginning of the call by monitoring their metrics such as emotions and heart rate.

Person-centered care

Get bigger insights on conversations between doctor and patient: analyze heart rate, emotions, frustration, patient attentiveness during the video conferencing and receive a full call transcription using Whoosh FaceAR and AI solutions for speech analysis. Hold individual or group therapy sessions.

Distance learning

Train your medical staff in hospitals through video conferencing and without in-person contact. Improve and simplify training for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Secure Communication

We know that video conferencing in healthcare must always remain protected. So in our online meeting software all data is encrypted, patient sessions are anonymous, and none of the private information is stored.

Premium Customization

Patients can change the background, remove background sounds or improve video quality with our technology even with a low internet connection.

Healthcare Collaboration with Colleagues

Connect doctors around the world to prevent medical errors, improve the patient experience (and thus HCAHPS), deliver better patient outcomes.

Preview plastic surgery results

Change face and body shapes in real time or on an existing photo during the call with our Face and Body AR technology. Get patient insights: let patients easily show their desired results in real time.

Screen sharing

Perform long-distance clinical health care without thinking about file transfering, sending treatment recommendations and other paper stuff. With Whoosh screen sharing option you can show clinical cases to other hospitals for better diagnosis, or discuss with patients their test results, medical charts, images, and treatment protocols in real time.

Digital Monitoring

A solution to automate the tracking of patient-reported outcomes during the virtual appointment.

Virtual Consultations

An opportunity to deliver secure digital healthcare service to your patients.

Full Ecosystem

Get real-world collaborative telemedicine services based on your real-time medical data.

Care about your patient

Take notes about your patients and securely share them with colleagues, keep tracking the history of previous visits and access it on the go.