Put your clients first with Whoosh! Have private discussions with your client during an online deposition or meeting by quickly dividing them into groups. Communicate easily with group members and merge groups again to resume the meeting.
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Get real-time analytics

Monitor and track all system activity in a single pane. Track and report on service quality, system usage and other key performance indicators in a couple of clicks.


Easily schedule video calls through your calendar and send invitations to participants. They, in turn, can connect to you from any available device.


Lawyers are the kind of people who need to be in touch at all times. With Whoosh you can join a video call from any of your devices and meet with clients instantly.

Superior documentation

Transcribe any depositions or interview in real time, save it to the cloud, or share it with colleagues to make a joint decision.

Multiple encryption

Provide legal services without worrying about security and data leakage. Our solution is designed specifically for the legal sector, so all data is protected.

Video mashup with a transcript

Receive a unique video mashup of everything that took place, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed and a transcript of what was said. It can be used to make sure you don't miss valuable details of the meeting and understand all the important insights. So rest assured, and forget the act of note-taking.

Virtual backgrounds

Breathe life into boring office white walls or simply blur the background to emphasize you as a speaker in any meetings. Change the background weatherman-style and comfortably make presentations with varied suitable backgrounds.

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Cloud recording

Record any talks, videoconferences, or events and save them to the cloud for future playback. Our latest AI technology automatically provides you with a short video of every video call you miss, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed. Whoosh will extract the most relevant information and provide a transcript so that you can get up to speed in just a matter of minutes.

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Gesture recognition

Our latest AI technology allows you to analyze every call and control your innovative presentation using hand gestures. With us, you can keep everything organized without touching a remote control or even your phone screen.

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Premium customization

Customize everything according to your needs in a completely secure environment. Set yourself apart from your competitors with Whoosh's highly scalable and flexible solutions!

AI analysis

With our ultimate AI technology you can keep everything organized, monitor attentiveness, analyze emotions and check heart rate without any fuss.

Event organizer assistant

Easily schedule calls using our handy helper, an assistant that helps you find the right time slot according to different time zones and work schedules of all participants.

Screen sharing

We know that for attorneys, the ability to share the screen during a video conference is near imperative - especially during a virtual hearing. Show call participants contract changes and discuss everything in real time. Integrate Whoosh with your services now and screen share whatever information you want through desktop and mobile.

Zero background noise

Eliminate background noise to take your video conferencing experience to the next level. Provide your clients with the best HD video and flawless sound without extraneous background noise.