Help more clients with our legal video conferencing platform

Make more impact by putting your clients first with Whoosh, a top video platform for the legal industry. Host private discussions with clients by splitting them into groups. Spruce up your online calls with top-notch video conferencing features: gesture recognition, photorealistic avatars, and weatherman layouts.

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Combine and move background and speaker video streams. Use images, slides, websites, and third-party streaming services as backgrounds, add pictures to the video, and use gestures to start animations or change slides. Presenting during a video meeting has never been on this level of engagement.

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Receive a unique short meeting recap of everything that took place, based on AI analysis of the recording and a text transcript of what was said to save time and note-taking. Now everyone will be sure that nothing is missed through the meeting.

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Use gestures to control anything and everything during a video conference for legal firms! Our gesture recognition software allows you to control the presentation, change color and transparency, and most interestingly, interpret gestures into emojis online.

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Get your best video experience without turning your camera off even on slow connections with photorealistic avatars, background replacement, and voice changer. Arrange video conferencing for lawyers and clients without revealing your face and at the same time remain recognizable.

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Discussing something during the speaker’s presentation is now possible. Communicate with anyone while the main speaker is talking. With this kind of audio splitting, you will continue to hear the speaker, but the volume level decreases. Preference is given to the one on whom your attention is focused.

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It’s high time to upgrade your videoconferencing experience and look camera-ready 24/7 without much effort. Our high-end camera lenses are here to digitally airbrush your image and improve your visual appearance in real-time.

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  • True HD quality

    Turn all your attention to constituents with seamless HD video. With our mobile and browser-based video solution that's easy to deploy and use, you can easily communicate with anyone.

  • Video mashup with a transcript

    Receive a unique video mashup of everything that took place at a missed meeting, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed and a transcript of what was said. It can be used to make sure you don't miss valuable details and understand all the important insights. So rest assured and forget the act of note-taking.

  • Zero background noise

    Eliminate background noise to take your video conferencing experience to the next level. Provide your clients with the best HD video and flawless sound without extraneous background noise.

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    Easily schedule video calls through your calendar and send invitations to participants. They, in turn, can connect to you from any available device.

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    Lawyers are the kind of people who need to be in touch at all times. With Whoosh, you can join a video call from any of your devices and meet with clients instantly.

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    Superior documentation

    Transcribe any depositions or interviews in real-time, save them to the cloud, or use file sharing to instantly show documents to colleagues and make a joint decision.

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    Multiparty encryption

    Provide legal services without worrying about security and data leakage. Our solution is designed specifically for law firm video conferencing, so all data is protected.

  • AI analysis

    With our ultimate AI technology, you can keep everything organized during legal video conferencing, monitor attentiveness, and analyze emotions without any fuss.

  • Event organizer assistant

    Easily schedule calls using our handy helper, an assistant that helps you find the right time slot according to different time zones and work schedules of every participant.

  • Premium customization

    Customize everything according to your needs in a completely secure environment. Set yourself apart from your competitors with Whoosh's highly scalable and flexible solutions!