Online free call

Talking to coworkers or friends over the phone may be expensive, but should that stay so? Our team has developed a solution that allows making a call online free of charge. It’s uneasy to run a service like this at no cost, but we did it! Meet CallOut.

Professional team of talented developers

The CallOut programmers do their utmost working on the software, adding several pro functions, which may surprise even an experienced user. If suddenly there is an urgent need to make a free online call, the app is at your service. It contains all the essential tools required for effective remote communication.

Artificial Intelligence

We have introduced a leading-edge feature, bringing virtual meetings to a new height - AI and ML-based technology.

It brings the possibility to accompany speech with gestures that will affect the program itself. AI  analyzes every session and allows you to control an innovative presentation using body language.

With us, everything remains organized without touching a remote control or even a phone screen. Besides, if you feel like you don't look attractive today, the app will beautify everything your counterpart shouldn’t notice.

User-friendly interface

The most enticing detail our customers spot is that exploring the program functions takes little time. What is necessary to start using it? Your Android or Apple device, tablet, laptop, or PC.

What do your colleagues need for a stable connection? The same. Just a few taps, and you can
call anybody for free while having an online meeting. There’s no need to install the application, just open your favorite browser to start a chat.

Full-HD conversations

If you take a quick look at other companies’ offers, it’s a standard practice for them to lower the video quality when a user makes a free call online. But we are different.

The platform provides HD quality of video & voice during each session. Muting background noise will enhance the conversation clarity experience throughout virtual gatherings.

Furthermore, the meeting duration has no restrictions; so, negotiations won’t be suddenly interrupted by the annoying message about the limited time.