Free Video Chat App

Whooshcall – high-end solution for next-level meetings. These words best describe the purposes of the service. Our developers have created the best video chat app for family and friends’ gatherings as well as business and formal negotiations.

What is so special about the platform?

Honestly, a lot. An ideal video chat app can make meetings with your relatives or coworkers free of restrictions COVID lifts on social life. Moreover, there may be dozens of other reasons to keep in touch without leaving home. Whooshcall will help you in overcoming each obstacle with Internet power.

Professional team

Our talented and experienced developers have brought together all the necessary features that a modern program dealing with video chats should contain, and are happy to share some with you for free. Just give a glance at its most recent features, which we are constantly updating.

AI-powered virtual meetings

The usage of artificial intelligence allows users to expand the application functionality, making it smarter. It will be capable to adapt to the needs of each client, from gesture recognition to emotion scanning.

Working with gestures

Use body language and put everything during a call under control! The gesture recognition software allows you to manage the presentation flow, change color and transparency, turn gesticulation into emojis.

Cloud storage

Save all noteworthy events to the cloud drive for future needs. You are able to watch it later when you’re free and have time to look through a video chat record. The service will also provide a session transcript to read if there is no time to watch a full virtual meetup.

Encrypted data

Feel worried about confidential information you want to spread between your colleagues at an online gathering? We offer host supervision (lock meeting, mute all, participant control), secured data, and cloud recordings. It’s our highest priority to keep everything safe and defended by quality software.

Quick start

Arrange a meeting or participate in a current session through any of your devices (PC, laptop, tablet, or cell phone) with a couple of taps, and remember - it’s totally free to download the video chat app.