Free online meeting app

Enjoy every second online with Whooshcall, an ideal solution for holding virtual events. It consists of everything a twenty-first-century software must have, from unlimited meetups to a personal assistant!

What makes a perfect online
meeting app?

It should be able to do more than just connect two people. The main two characteristics are:

1. User-friendly interface

Whether you want to hold a 100-person webinar or arrange an ideal wedding for your sister, great web software makes working with such tasks simple and fast, and what is more important, provides 100% secure service.

2. Tools for every occasion

It should also offer features, which won’t let you get bored while taking part in a conference, like whiteboarding, a pack of 3D backgrounds, live chat, and several games for team building. Such functions are the key to making your virtual meetings as effective as they would be offline.

Why is Whooshcall perfect for you?

Our team of professionals included everything mentioned above in the software, making it the best online meeting app on the market.

  • It’s so simple!

First, make a call or join a video conference through any of your devices (smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet). Then share a link with another user, who can immediately enter the chat room without wasting time on registration.

  • It’s so fun!

Try to change the background, play games, or beautify yourself with interactive tools while chatting.

  • It’s absolutely secure!

Be sure that the information you share in a chat room is defended by modern utilities, which encrypt each little detail of a conversation. Even the developers will never have a glance at it!

  • It’s AI-based!

Yes, we live in the 21 century and AI is everywhere, Whooshcall is not an exception. AI helps the users to get a more interactive experience during virtual meetups. Try gesture recognition and manage a presentation using body language. Test smart cloud recording, which allows you to attend all missed events. And the icing of a cake - emotions and pulse detection of interlocutors right on the device screen.

  • It has Full-HD quality!

Our team believes this feature is the most important nowadays when the world is facing a global pandemic and people lack real communication. High-quality video and audio make users get the experience of an offline informal event, fully immersing them in a conversation due to splitting audio streams.