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Enjoy every second online with Whooshcall, an ideal solution for holding virtual events. It consists of everything a twenty-first-century software must have, from unlimited meetups to a personal assistant!

What makes a perfect online
meeting app?

When it comes to web conferencing software, there are loads of different factors to consider. Some apps might focus on audio quality, while others prioritize the look and feel of the meeting space. So what are the components that make the app really great?

In our opinion, it's a combination of all things - great audio quality, crisp visuals, powerful features, intuitive design, and top-notch web security.

Supreme audio quality

If you can't hear the person you're talking to, or they can't hear you, the meeting is pretty much pointless. That's why it's crucial to make sure that the video conference app you'd like to use supports HD audio. This will ensure that both you and your participants will get the best possible sound quality. Moreover, many apps now offer the feature of background noise cancellation. It's really handy when hosting a conference in a noisy environment.

Crystal-clear video

In order to ensure a great experience for all meeting participants, it's essential to use high-quality video, preferably Full-HD or HD, clear and crisp. This will help you avoid any frustrating glitches or lag times during your conference calls. After all, during an important meeting or negotiation, it's not really comfortable to see a pixelated version of your interlocutors.

Tools for engaging video meetings

It should also offer features, which won’t let you get bored while taking part in a conference, like whiteboarding, a pack of 3D backgrounds, private and group chat, cloud recordings, touch-up tools, and more. Such features are the key to making your virtual meetings as effective as they would be offline.

User-friendly interface

Whether you want to hold a 100-person webinar or arrange a virtual job interview, online meeting software with a user-friendly interface is a must. This means that the platform you choose should be easy to navigate and understand, with self-explanatory buttons and icons, and a visually pleasing design. Otherwise, users will quickly become frustrated and abandon the app.

High-end security tools

Any company whose business is somehow connected to the Internet and remote work understands that security should be its top priority. When it comes to web-based meeting platforms, that’s especially true. To ensure the safety and privacy of your team and clients, a good web security protocol is essential. Other measures that can be taken to beef up web security for an online meeting app are strong passwords and authentication measures, data encryption, waiting rooms, and single sign-on (SSO).

Other useful components:

- Presenter tools: screen sharing, whiteboard, participant control

- Task and project management

- Cloud storage for recordings and other files

- Integration with popular business apps, like Google Drive, Office 365, Slack, Asana, and others you use

- Branding and customization

Most popular online meeting apps:

1) Microsoft Teams

Free version:
  • Yes
Paid plans start at:
  • $4 per user/month

Teams is a cloud-based chat and video conferencing app for teams. With it, you can easily connect with co-workers to chat, share files, and collaborate on projects. A free plan allows arranging video conferences with up to 100 people at once.


Teams is a part of the Office 365 subscription and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web.

2) RingCentral

Free version:
  • Yes
Paid plans start at:
  • $10.99 per user/month

RingCentral is one of the leading providers of cloud-based phone systems and unified communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. This company delivers a full suite of voice, video, and team messaging solutions that allow employees to work from anywhere.


The app is available on any mobile, tablet, and desktop, as well as on popular phone systems.

3) Zoom

Free version:
  • Yes
Paid plans start at:
  • $14.99 per license/month

Zoom is a video and web conferencing service that was founded in 2011. The company has since garnered much success and is now favored by businesses and educators for its powerful and useful features, including HD video and audio, live chat, screen and file sharing. Zoom is also known for its reliability and has been lauded for its customer service.


The app is compatible with Apple, Android, Linux, and Windows devices.

What makes Whoosh a better video conferencing solution?

When it comes to the best video conferencing apps, there are a few things that are non-negotiable: reliability, quality, and security. You need to make sure your online meeting app is going to work when you need it to, that the picture will be clear and sharp, that your audience will feel comfortable and engaged, and that your group meetings will be private and secure.

That's why we built our video meeting app specifically with these priorities in mind.

Why choose Whoosh?

It’s so simple

If you're looking for an easy way to video call with your teammates, clients, and partners, Whoosh is the app for you. With Whoosh, all you have to do is to download the app, create a virtual room there, and invite everyone you want to talk with.

There's an even easier way - open Whoosh from your favorite browser and start chatting right away! To invite guests, simply share the link to your room with your contacts - and they will join the meeting without wasting time signing up.

It’s so engaging

Whoosh is the perfect solution for online meetings that need to be both informative and engaging. With our innovative 3D backgrounds, presenters can control their environment and create a more engaging meeting experience. Our weatherman-style presenter mode will keep your participants on their toes, while gesture recognition makes it easy to control the presenting flow, share reactions, and recognize the mood of the conversation.

It’s absolutely secure

Be sure that the information you share in a chat room is defended by modern utilities, which encrypt every little detail of a conversation. Whoosh has powerful tools to protect users and their data online. These include P2P & multiparty encryption, a wide range of security certificates, 24/7 network safety monitoring, two-factor authentication, and other modern security means.

It’s AI-based

The heart of Whoosh is our powerful AI-driven features that are aimed at providing users with the most comfortable and enjoyable online experience. With our smart scheduling assistant, fantastic touch-up tools, and Mementos - short meeting recaps with transcripts - you'll never miss a beat in your conference again.

It's high-quality

Whoosh is a revolutionary video meeting platform that provides users with the highest quality video experience possible. The app offers Full-HD video quality for crystal-clear, lifelike meetings that will make you feel like you're right there in the room with the other participants. With Whoosh, you'll never have to deal with choppy and grainy videos again!

Meet smarter with Whoosh

With all its innovative features powered by AI, Whoosh is truly the future of virtual communication. And the best part - you can use it completely free of charge! Join us right now and keep in touch with your colleagues, whether they're in the office or on a business trip.