Online Free Call in India From PC to Mobile

Free phone calls from a PC to a mobile phone in India are now possible with Whoosh! Make hassle-free calls to mobile and landline phones inside and outside India with our convenient and user-friendly app. Let's figure out what's so special about it!

Free internet calls: how do they work?

The internet has opened up a new world of digital communication that is not only affordable but also accessible to an increasingly wider group of people. With the introduction of VoIP services, it is now possible to arrange online meetings and make free international phone calls without huge expenses.

What is VoIP?

A VoIP app allows arranging audio and video conferences with two or more participants using a device with an internet connection. This free service allows users to make free internet phone calls from PC, tablets, or mobile phones to any other VoIP user in the world.

What apps to try?

  • Dialpad: good for business meetings and HD conferencing
  • RingCentral: perfect for remote meetings in medium and large companies
  • Vonage: an ideal option for fans of Apple devices
  • Google Meet: optimal solution for active users of Google services
  • Whoosh: the latest AI-driven app for engaging and impactful online events

Choose Whoosh for trouble-free calling!

Video conferencing has changed the way we communicate online. But, it is still a hassle to set up a call and make it engaging. Whoosh is an AI-driven video conferencing app that aims to solve this problem.

We believe that communication is a very important part of life. That's why we are trying to make it easier for you to communicate not just with people located in India but with callers from all over the world. Whoosh provides you with an easy and affordable way to keep in touch with locals, as well as hold online meetings with distant colleagues, partners, and customers. And there's no need to get a special phone number - you can make free phone calls on any device with an internet connection - no matter where you are.

Our key features

Whoosh has a wide range of fantastic tools for engaging and interactive online meetings. Our powerful AI-powered features are designed to take the hassle out of video calls. Have a look:

Full-HD video & audio quality

Set up crystal clear web conferences and enjoy impeccable quality during every second of a video conference. Background noise muting and audio splitting features allow you to focus on the person you're talking to while minimizing distractions.


Mementos are AI-powered cloud recordings that allow you to create a short video with all the highlights of a virtual event. This smart feature helps to share your experience with friends and family who were not able to attend the meeting, making them feel like they were there.

Weatherman layouts

Engage with your audience more effectively with our interactive tool for presentations. Weatherman layouts let you create a dynamic, engaging, and informative experience by blending the content with the environment around you. Just set a presentation or any image/video/website as a background and let the magic happen!

Touch-up tools & 3D backgrounds

Video conferencing can be stressful and tiring. Let Whoosh liven up the atmosphere with its fantastic touch-up tools and immersive virtual backgrounds that will put you in the best light. Take control of the video calling experience by giving AI the ability to frame the perfect shot, erase distracting backgrounds, and create an uncluttered workspace in seconds.