Free Online Call From PC to Mobile

Sometimes there is no smartphone at hand. It's out of charge or Internet traffic has just run out. And an urgent appointment with clients or foreign partners is on schedule. Thankfully, there is a convenient service, which will help you. Meet Whoosh, a brand-new app for hassle-free phone calls!

Free calls online: everything you should know

VoIP technology allows making free phone calls online with two or more people via an internet connection. This way of communication on the web is extremely useful for remote business teams that have employees working from various parts of the globe. VoIP calls provide users with the possibility to call from a PC to mobile and landline phones, engage in international calls, and stay in touch even separated by thousands of miles.

Services that work with this technology offer a wide range of features for remote communication and collaboration:

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Screen and file sharing
  • Cloud recordings
  • Project management tools
  • Integration with other platforms

What apps to try?

Since the rise in popularity of video conferencing services and VoIP platforms, development teams from all across the world have created dozens of great apps for online meetings.

The best examples are:

  • Skype: a reliable and well-known pioneer in the world of online phone calls
  • Zoom: a perfect solution for remote collaboration with a generous free plan
  • Dialpad: great for businesses of all types and sizes
  • Ooma Office: one of the best options for small businesses and startups
  • RingCentral: an effective solution for medium and large enterprises
  • Whoosh: an ideal platform for all kinds of online events powered by AI

Where to start?

If you're looking for an app that apart from making free calls online has every tool created for meaningful and impactful remote communication, Whoosh is your perfect solution!

It's aimed at fighting all the problems connected with video conferencing: video call fatigue, burning out, and overwork. Sound familiar to you? Look what we've got to solve them!

Whoosh: created for engaging online meetings

We are happy to introduce Whoosh, a brand-new app developed to make free online calls to a mobile phone from a PC a comfortable and convenient way to keep in touch with your colleagues, customers, and partners.

You don't need a special phone number to start a conversation, a web browser-based or mobile application installed on your device is everything required.

Why choose us for free internet calls?

We've brought networked meetings to a brand-new level, making them smartly adapt to what remote business teams need for productive work and collaboration.

Standard plan with 100% free features

The greatest news for users worried about the budget - Whoosh offers free internet phone calls online without registration with its Standard plan. Unlimited 24-hour video conferences, AI-powered tools, unique virtual backgrounds, AR masks and filters, photorealistic avatars - this all and a little bit more is waiting for you inside the app!

Full-HD video meetings with impressive sound

Enjoy hassle-free online phone calls with crystal clear HD video and supreme audio quality. Get rid of annoying distractions and unwanted sounds with background noise muting. Have something to share with a colleague? Enable audio splitting and talk in a separate group without interrupting the main speaker.

AI-driven features

To make online meetings more enjoyable and engaging we've added several cutting-edge AI-powered tools:

  • 3D animated backgrounds: immersive images to replace plain white walls behind you
  • Mementos: short video mashups with a transcript containing all meaningful moments of a missed event
  • Gestures recognition: a tool allowing for controlling a presentation with gestures and turning signs into emojis
  • Weatherman layouts: interactive backgrounds - schemes, slides, tables, videos, or websites - for a more engaging presentation experience


Touch-up tools

Everyone feels nervous and stressed before a video call. But should that be so? Imagine a video conference without long preparation, like getting ready for the meeting, choosing the clothes and makeup, or even getting to a proper place. That's the way it looks with Whoosh and its excellent touch-up tools and photorealistic avatars that always keep you prepared and looking professional.