Free Online Call From PC to Mobile

Sometimes there is no smartphone at hand; it could be discharged or Internet traffic has just run out. And an urgent appointment with clients or relatives is on schedule. Thankfully, there is a unique service, which will help you. Meet Whooshcall!


We are happy to introduce Whooshcall, the best app created to make free online calls to a mobile phone from a PC a quick and convenient way to communicate. Using our software, you can keep in touch with your co-workers, family, and friends via voice calling or face-to-face conversation with top-quality HD video and sound.

Developed with love and care

We've brought networked meetings to a brand-new level, making them smartly adapting to customers’ demands. Feeling stressed right before an important meetup? Resist negative feelings easily using our AI and ML-based technology. It will detect and immediately show your counterpart's emotions and pulse.

Advanced service

Furthermore, the service can boast of several up-to-date features: 

  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Cloud storage
  • Gestures recognition, and more.

Quick start

It is a trouble-free application for calling online from a PC to mobiles with a feature to link international users. What do you need to begin using it? Only your computer and a stable web connection. You are able to quickly skip a registration process and join any meeting with just one tap.