Free International Calls Online

The endless search for a reliable and convenient app for free calls online tires you up? Try Whoosh, a brand-new app that offers the easiest way to catch up with your teammates, partners, and customers.

Welcome to the era of free internet calls

Generally, local and international calling is included in a package provided by your mobile service carrier. It requires monthly payments that can be huge if you often dial other countries. However, you can make free international calls with a stable internet connection and a special online phone service, also known as VoIP service.

How is it possible that you can reach someone over the internet without paying a fee?

VoIP technology offers a more affordable and convenient way to keep in touch with distant people: it uses a broadband internet connection to set up voice and video calls involving two or more participants. The greatest thing about this technology is that it allows making free phone calls online - along with texting in chats and engaging in video conferencing - anytime and anywhere! Everything you need is just a reliable VoIP app installed on your device.

What app to choose for free online calls?

An ideal VoIP service not only allows making free calls but also supports free international calls, online video and audio conferencing, team messaging, and integration with other platforms. It should be affordable for your business team, have a user-friendly interface, and offer powerful features for high-quality virtual communication. Just like Whoosh!

Whoosh: fatigue-free solution for international calls

It's no doubt that online communication is tiring, stressful, and less engaging than face-to-face meetings. But what if there's a solution that will turn video and audio conferencing into a comfortable, fatigue-free, and enjoyable experience?

Meet Whoosh, a brand-new HD video conferencing platform for hosting virtual meetings with remote teammates, foreign partners, and customers spread all over the globe.

What we offer:

Hassle-free video calls of outstanding quality

Enjoy Full-HD video quality of every second spent online chatting with distant people. The image is so sharp and clear that makes you believe that you're meeting in the reality! Our improved wide-angle camera and impressive virtual backgrounds won't let you resist the urge to turn on your camera and enjoy realistic communication!

Unlimited calls to any part of the world

We set no limits on virtual communication. That's why on Whoosh, you can host 24-hour video and audio conferences with up to 100 people at once! That's enough for a large-scale meeting, webinar, masterclass, or digital lesson. Our mission is to say goodbye to the limitations of international calls that for a long time have been preventing us from communicating freely with people from other countries and continents.

Mementos: short video mashups to quickly catch up with any missed event

In case you missed an important meeting, you can quickly get your bearings with Mementos - a cloud recording with all the moments worth recalling. AI analyzes a full version of the recording and transforms it into a short mashup containing the most informative parts of a missed event and a transcript.

Interactive AI-driven features

Artificial intelligence brings exceptional interactivity and engagement to online meetings. On Whoosh you can try:

  • Gesture recognition: for controlling a presentation using gestures or turning signs into emoji
  • Scheduling assistant: with Google Calendar integration, it's capable of suggesting the best time for a meeting
  • Beautification: touch-up tools, AR masks, and filters to quickly refresh your look before a conference starts
  • Weatherman layouts: for setting any image, video, presentation, or website as a background

Professional web protection tools

Our team puts all efforts into protecting users' personal data, files you share online, and every second of a conference you join or host. To ensure 100% secure communication, we use the following security means:

  • Multi-party encryption
  • 24/7 network safety monitoring
  • GDPR compliance
  • International security certifications

A completely free app for everyone

Whoosh is available totally for free on any modern device - mobile phones, tablets, desktops. and laptops. The free version contains all the necessary tools for high-quality communication, including HD conferencing, AI features, screen sharing, AR masks, filters, and 3D backgrounds. Users can download the app and host online meetings right there or go to our website and join any virtual event from their favorite browser.