Free conference call

What if we say that you’ve just found the best free conference call service? Whether you want to catch up with a boss to discuss a recent project, or you should organize a 50-person webinar - CallOut is a must-have.

Which characteristics should the perfect app for virtual events have?

It’s no doubt that the first words coming to mind are: simple, fast, and chargeless.

The problem of many services is their cost and restrictions on the number of people engaging in an online meeting or time of usage. Our free solution for online conference calls allows staying in touch with colleagues, clients, or friends wherever and whenever you want. 


CallOut introduces an app that implements all features any modern user may require. We’ve added new cutting-edge functionality that makes enjoying video meetings easier than ever.

Why is CallOut exactly what you need?

AI-based technology

Combat virtual gathering fatigue using our AI and ML-based technology. We've taken networked meetings to a whole new level, making them more engaging, inclusive, fun, and interactive. Gain an incredibly immersive experience with 3D backgrounds, full control of audio streams, and "weatherman" style layouts. Try our beautification features to glam up during every video chat.

Go global

We work internationally, so making a free conference call from the USA to colleagues in Russia is not a big deal anymore. Global communication becomes easier and faster nowadays, so there shouldn’t be problems connecting groups of people from various countries. Our application is suitable for any free international conference calls, whether your clients are from China or Alaska.

Speech separation

Get the experience of an offline informal event online. Gather your friends or like-minded people on the Internet and simulate real communication by splitting audio streams. Now you can communicate clearly, while the speaker is talking.

Easy to use

Don't want to waste time diving into long instructions? Simply enter a room name, switch on your camera, and your free high-quality video conference call is on in a sec. Do only one thing - share the room link through messengers, email, or any other means so anyone can join you in a couple of seconds (without signing up on their own).

Video mashup with a transcript

Receive a unique video record of everything that took place, based on an assessment of the emotions displayed and a transcript of what was said. It may serve as a reminder of the event or for those who were unable to attend. So rest assured, you will never miss another meeting again using our free brand-new conference call software.

Working with gestures

Say goodbye to boring presentations via online tools. Use body language to manage everything during your video session! Modern gesture recognition allows to:

  • Use gesticulation to control the presentation
  • Change color and transparency
  • Interpret gestures into emojis online

Stay mobile

We've created a free conference call app allowing mobile users to stay in touch when there is no laptop at hand. Now, if an online meeting with a business counterpart caught you at an unsuitable time, having a computer is unnecessary. Set up a meeting or join a video chat through mobile phone, laptop, or tablet with just a couple of taps.

100% secure communication

Excellent data encryption makes sure you will communicate securely with loved ones. No one has any access to your conversations, not even the CallOut team! 

Wait for it...

Furthermore, this is nothing but a small part of the prospects our app offers. We keep the program up-to-date, always adding handy and fun features. Now, if your primary need is an easy and quick-functioning software for group gatherings, be sure - CallOut is the perfect complement to your business.