Free Conference Call Services

What if we say that you’ve just found the best free conference call service? Whether you want to catch up with a boss to discuss a recent project or look for a platform to organize a 50-person webinar - Whoosh is a must-have.

Which characteristics should a perfect app for conference calls have?

It’s no doubt that the first words coming to mind are: simple, fast, and chargeless.

The problem of many free conference call services is their limits: restrictions on the number of participants allowed to take part in audio and video calls, the duration of online meetings, and a poor range of features.  

But our team wants to make audio and video conferencing available and affordable for everyone. That's why, we're delighted to introduce you to our brand-new free conference calling solution for virtual group meetings that allows staying in touch with colleagues, clients, or friends wherever and whenever you want. Meet Whoosh!

The app offers a wide choice of features a remote employee has ever dreamt of: outstanding video quality, enhanced sound, AI-driven tools, interactive features for holding presentations and webinars, touch-up tools, weatherman-style layouts, and many more.

Why is Whoosh exactly what you need?

Enhance communication with AI-driven features

We've brought virtual events to a whole new level, making them more engaging, inclusive, and impactful. Combat video conferencing fatigue using our AI and ML-based technologies. Gain an incredibly immersive experience with 3D backgrounds, full control of audio streams, and interactive weatherman-style layouts. Try our touch-up tools to refresh your look before an important virtual meeting.

Go global

We work internationally, so making a free video call from the USA to your colleagues in Russia is not a big deal anymore. Invite international participants to join your video call and spend hours talking without any limits! It doesn't matter whether they're from China or Alaska - Whoosh is made to connect continents.

Turn on audio splitting

Get the experience of an offline informal event online. Gather your friends or like-minded people in a virtual room and simulate real communication by splitting audio streams. This allows dividing into groups and discussing current projects or collaborating on tasks together without interrupting the main speaker.

Record Mementos

Receive a unique video mashup with all the remarkable moments of an event you aren't able to join. AI will save the recording to the cloud, analyze it, and create a short video clip - Mementos - with a transcript of everything that was said. You may share it with everyone who was present, as a reminder of the event, and with those who were absent - to catch up with the most important information they missed.

Control everything with gestures

Say goodbye to boring presentations, plain screen sharing, and neverending slides. Use gestures to manage everything during a video session. Or enable an interactive weatherman-style layout to set any image, video, or presentation as a background for the speaker to engage with the audience in a more entertaining way.

Stay mobile

We've created one of the best free conference calling services that allows mobile users to stay in touch when there is no laptop at hand. Now, if an online meeting with a business counterpart caught you at an unsuitable time, you can easily set up a meeting or join a video chat through a mobile phone or a tablet in just a couple of taps.

Enjoy the simplicity

Don't want to waste time diving into long instructions? Simply enter a room name, switch on your camera, and join conference calls in a sec. Do only one thing to invite other participants - share the room link with an access code via messengers, email, or any other means so anyone can join you for a chat.

Feel 100% secured

Enjoy safe and trouble-free conference calls with Whoosh. We protect you and all your personal data, messages, and files shared on the web with excellent data encryption, compliance with globally proven security certifications, advanced host controls, unique session IDs and access codes, and other professional security measures.

Wait for it...

It's nothing but a small part of the cutting-edge features our app offers. We keep the platform up-to-date, always adding smart interactive features. Now, if your primary need is easy and quick-functioning software for group gatherings, be sure - Whoosh is a perfect complement to your business.