Free Call Online to Mobile Phones

Those times are gone when we used landline phones to dial another person. No more boring texts, camera thrills, and expenses on international calls! Meet Whoosh - a brand-new platform for making fatigue-free online calls.

Free phone calls: is this possible?

Living in a world of virtual meetings, remote work, and conference calls it's impossible to imagine a life of a common employee without a smartphone or laptop with a special app for making free calls installed on it.

How do such services work?

Apps that allow making calls online without registration, hidden costs, and duration limits are known as VoIP services.

A VoIP app provides users with an opportunity to set up a free phone call with two or more participants at once via an internet connection.

This technology keeps growing its popularity, being one of the leading means of communication within business teams. According to Nextiva, 69% of respondents use VoIP apps or unified communications platforms at work.

What are the most popular platforms for VoIP calls?

In comparison with traditional phone systems, VoIP services for free phone calls online are much more favored among remote business teams for their speed, simplicity, and affordability for every user.

Our team conducted a survey and picked the most popular and reliable platforms on the market. Have a look:

  • RingCentral: an optimal solution for medium and large teams
  • Ooma Office: perfect for startups and small businesses
  • Nextiva: a feature-rich platform for enterprises
  • Dialpad: a cost-effective option for remote companies
  • 8x8: a reliable app with affordable pricing
  • Whoosh: a smart AI-driven solution for all kinds of businesses

What online phone service to choose?

The major factor you should take into account is your team's needs. The app you choose should match their skills and capabilities, help them perform their work duties, and offer tools for keeping in touch with their colleagues. Moreover, if your company often deals with foreign partners and customers, it's better to know in advance whether a certain service allows making free calls online to other countries.

To make the choice easier, our team wants you to meet Whoosh - the latest app for engaging and interactive online meetings.

Save time and increase impact with Whoosh

Remote communication can be stressful. Video meetings usually require much time to get prepared. There may be kids shouting in the background or loud music playing. And we haven't mentioned monotonous speakers, internet connection problems, and the fisheye effect produced by the camera.

With Whoosh, you can relax and forget about all the negative moments associated with video conferencing. We've already dealt with each of them.

What do we offer?

Free internet phone calls with a Standard plan

You don't need a mobile phone number anymore to set up a conference call. All you need is a web browser or our app installed on your device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Unlimited and free internet calls to any country of the world are already included in a Standard plan. You'll be surprised how easily you can start a conversation! Just share a link to the meeting and wait till everyone joins the virtual room for a chat.

User-friendly interface with AI-powered features

The introduction of AI turns user experience into an interactive process, which changes and adapts to the interlocutors throughout the conversation. Smart scheduling assistant suggests the most suitable time for every meeting participant taking into account the difference in time zones and work hours. Touch-up tools help you get ready for an important meeting and refresh your look within a couple of seconds. And with gesture recognition, every virtual event becomes truly engaging letting everyone send emojis using gestures and control a presentation with a simple hand wave.

HD fully immersive experience

Never before online video calls have been so natural! Full-HD video and outstanding sound create a superb quality of virtual meetings. With background noise canceling you can hear each other clearly without getting distracted by annoying sounds around you. And audio stream splitting allows dividing into groups and collaborating on various tasks without interrupting other participants and the main speaker.

Weatherman layouts and 3D backgrounds

Digital co-working acquires a whole new level of engagement with our revolutionary technologies! Set your presentation or any picture, video, or website as a background and present like a real weatherman, interacting with your audience right from the screen: show diagrams, explain difficult concepts, and change slides with gestures. Or you can just choose a perfect one from dozens of immersive 3D animated backgrounds and replace plain white walls with a stylish office space or a lively beach view.

Mementos - cloud recordings

It's hard to be at two meetings at once. That's why on Whoosh you can record any event and rewatch its shorter version with a transcript - mementos. It's a video mashup created by AI that includes all the most important moments of the recording. Mementos help not only quickly catch up with any missed information but also save time on rewatching long-lasting events.

3 reasons to choose hassle-free calls with Whoosh

1. 100% secure communication

Web protection is our top priority. Encrypted data in transit and at rest, as well as secured cloud recordings and compliance with globally proven security certifications serve as reliable protection of personal data and every file shared online.

2. Compatibility with various devices

Whoosh works perfectly on all modern gadgets providing a quick wireless connection to help you keep in touch with your family, friends, and colleagues.

3. Free internet calls

The greatest news for all video conferencing users is that our service is available for free! It includes all the necessary tools you may need during an important video call: AI features, unlimited Full-HD video calls, cloud recordings, screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, AR masks and filters.