Business Video Conferencing

Being a part of a business team, you’re probably tired of the endless search for perfect video conferencing solutions. If so, try Whoosh - a brand-new app, created to make each business video meeting effective and interactive!

Pandemic hit us all, but...

There is no doubt that the global pandemic hit each sphere of our lives badly. Small businesses were the most severely affected. Most organizations had to shift their staff to remote working, which led to a lack of real contact. Employees miss real communication, colleagues’ support, and informal office chats.

That’s why our team has come up with a solution, which will certainly change the whole virtual communication experience. We’re delighted to introduce Whoosh, an application that is going to make at-home work engaging and interactive.

No need to worry with Whoosh

Stay in contact under the COVID-19 restrictions with the best video conferencing software created specifically for small businesses! Be sure, you won’t skip important online meetings again due to a poor Internet connection or the chaos around your home office. Our cutting-edge video conferencing solution for mobile and desktop devices is at your service!

Host video meetings of Full-HD quality and enhanced sound

Make the most out of every video call with Full-HD video and supreme audio quality! Whoosh can boast several unique video conferencing features that you won't find on other platforms. Have a look:

Crystal clear image

The best video conferencing experience starts with a high-quality video. With Whoosh, you can enjoy unlimited meetings with up to 100 meeting participants and forget there is a screen between you and them, so sharp is the image!

Sound separation

Group video calls become more comfortable with audio stream splitting. Now you don't have to mute yourself or wait till the speaker finishes their speech. Our latest sound separation feature allows talking during the speaker's presentation. How? Just focus the attention on a person you want to talk to and see that the volume level decreases but you can still hear everyone clearly.

Background noise canceling

Working from home it's hard to get rid of different annoying sounds that may interfere with a video conference. That's why on Whoosh you can enable background noise canceling and enjoy quiet work even with your kids shouting in the background.

Schedule video calls with our virtual assistant

Not in the mood for planning? Let a smart assistant do its job! It’s capable of scheduling video conferences with partners and remote colleagues, taking into account the difference in time zones and working hours.

What is more, you can integrate other services you use daily, such as Google calendar, Google Workspace, CRM or marketing platforms, and other video conferencing apps, like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Google Meet.

Perfect video conferencing software for our lovely clients

Feel the power of the cutting-edge video conferencing service for small businesses!

AI and ML-operated video conferencing tool

Want to try something exceptional? Add interactivity to your calls with artificial intelligence:

  • Enable gesture recognition to turn signs into emojis. Or turn on pulse and emotion assessment and get an insight into other participants' moods.
  • Refresh your look applying fantastic touch-up tools: face retouch, virtual backgrounds, stunning filters, photorealistic avatars.
  • Quickly catch up with missed information with Mementos - a short video recording with all important moments of a skipped meetup.

Smart collaboration tools

Whoosh has a really easy-to-use interface and tons of useful tools for productive remote cooperation. With us, you can enable screen sharing to show documents, switch presentation slides, and highlight important information right on the screen. What else do we offer?

  • File sharing
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Weatherman layouts
  • Waiting conference rooms

Free plan to try

Many other video conferencing platforms don't offer free trials and subscriptions. But our team wants Whoosh to be affordable to everyone. Therefore, you can download a totally free version of our web conferencing software and try all the necessary features to host meetings worth recalling. 

If you decide to upgrade your subscription, you'll get access to more advanced collaboration features, including comprehensive business analytics, custom integrations, and unlimited cloud storage.

Furthermore, we've made Whoosh compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, no matter whether you're an Android or Apple lover, you can join meetings from any of your gadgets.

100% secure video conferencing platform

We understand that professional web protection is extremely important to our customers, so we monitor your security 24/7/365. To guard your personal data, we use the following features:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • Wide range of security certificates: ISO, PCI-DSS, HITRUST, CSA STAR
  • Unique session IDs
  • Meeting room passwords