Business video conferencing

Being a part of a business team, you’re probably tired of the endless search for perfect video conferencing software. If so, try CallOut - a brand-new app, created to make each business gathering effective and interactive!

Pandemic hit us all, but...

It’s no doubt that the global pandemic hit each sphere of our lives badly. Small companies were the most severely affected. Most organizations had to shift their staff to remote working, which led to a lack of real contact. Employees miss real communication, colleagues’ support, and informal office chats.

That’s why our team has come up with a solution, which is going to change the whole virtual communication experience. We’re delighted to introduce CallOut, an application, making work from home fun and interactive.

No need to worry with CallOut

Stay in contact under the COVID-19 restrictions with the best video conferencing software created specifically for small businesses! Be sure, you won’t skip important online meetings again due to the poor Internet connection or the chaos around your home office. The outstanding features are at your service!

  • Enjoy Full-HD video conferencing for business communication

Turn on the camera and forget about the distance with Full-HD video quality. Moreover, we’ve added the speech separation feature and background noise muting, so now you can hear other people as clearly as never before.

  • Schedule events with a clever assistant

Not in the mood for planning? Let a smart assistant do its job! It’s capable of scheduling meetups with partners and remote colleagues, taking into account the difference in time zones and working hours.

  • Protect personal data with professional web security

As virtual gatherings become an integral part of modern life, the web safety issue also demands special attention. The service uses only well-established security tools to make sure no one will get access to your personal data.

Ideal service for our lovely clients

Feel the power of the cutting-edge video conferencing service for small businesses!

  • AI and ML-operated system

Want to try something exceptional? Add interactivity into your calls with artificial intelligence! Enable gesture recognition to turn signs into emojis, glam up your look with a beautification feature and quickly catch up with missed information with a short video of a skipped meetup.

  • Instant screen sharing

Enhance video conferencing with advanced solutions for small business meetings. Enable screen sharing to show documents, switch presentation slides, and highlight important information right on the screen.

  • Engagement activities

Keep everyone engaged with the best team-building activities: mini-games, online chats, polls, and quizzes! Turn each gathering into a memorable event with hilarious moments!