Business Conference Call Services

These days enterprises need advanced solutions to communicate effectively within the company. That's why our team has created a unique conference call app to satisfy all the requirements of a modern business world. Meet Whoosh! It offers just the right mix of features for hassle-free video conferencing.

Why do I ever need a conference call service?

If you belong to a remote team, you probably know the answer to this question. But still, let's discuss the main advantages of using this type of communication in the workplace.

1) More productive work: with a reliable app for online meetings, you can always stay in touch with your colleagues and resolve any issues just by starting a call within a matter of seconds.

2) More engaging than plain phone calls: conference call services successfully solve the problem of social isolation during pandemic times. They allow people to communicate, collaborate on various tasks, hold video calls, use interactive tools, like screen sharing or whiteboarding, and just chat even when staying far away from each other.

3) Helps to cut down costs: travel can be expensive, especially when you have to get to work from a different city. That's why we're lucky to have conference calling available. You can save money and invest it into your business priorities and not waste it on tickets, logistics, and other stuff related to travel.

4) Serves to connect remote teams: nowadays it's common to have team members working from other cities, countries, and continents. But such long distances are no longer an obstacle when you can host unlimited conference bridges from any corner of the globe.

5) Incredibly easy: easy set up that even the least technically savvy person can set up and conduct conference calls with incredible speed. It takes only a few taps to start a video call with all the members of your team.

All in all, thanks to significant achievements in the sphere of audio and video conferencing, calling platforms have become much easier to use and now boast a simple and intuitive interface that every user can easily navigate.

Whoosh: developed for business needs

If your company is among those having a large part of its staff working remotely, chances are you regularly host conference calls with your coworkers, partners, or clients. Right now, it’s the fastest and most convenient way to stay in touch under the restrictions imposed by the global pandemic. 

We understand how hard it is to keep your head up under such conditions because small-sized organizations were mostly affected. That’s why our talented developers have come up with the idea to create the right conference call service for a small business. We wanted to make it user-friendly and affordable for everyone, enjoy high-quality video and audio-only calls, and feel 100% protected on the web.

Meet Whoosh, a hassle-free video conferencing software, created with special care for our users - small business owners and their remote teams.

Let’s see what's inside!

There is another reason to keep your camera on. We offer unlimited Full-HD video conference calls for each member of your small business.

Top video quality

It’s beyond question that working remotely you may not always look perfect. That’s why we tried to make video meetings more comfortable and less stressful. With Whoosh, you can refresh your look in a second, make it more business-like, and hide all the imperfections. Our AI-powered touch-up tools and a wide variety of virtual backgrounds are going to turn each online gathering into a pleasant conversation without camera thrills.

There is one more reason to keep your camera on. The outstanding Full-HD quality during all video conference calls makes the image so sharp and clear that you'll forget about the display between you and other meeting participants. And with cloud call recordings, you won't miss any important video conferences again.

Smart assistance

A significant part of working time is spent on planning important gatherings. With our service, you can save this precious resource and rely on the best conference call service for scheduling small and large business events. 

Feel free to delegate this responsibility to your personal virtual assistant. It’s capable of planning your day, analyzing the calendar and busy hours, and arranging online events at the most suitable time for all the meeting's participants.

Interactive audio and video calls

If you haven’t used artificial intelligence before, you'll be pretty surprised by its powers. Using Whoosh, you may try: 

  • Gesture, emotions, and pulse recognition
  • Mementos -  smart meeting recordings with the most significant moments
  • Sound separation
  • Background noise muting
  • Weatherman layout
  • Photorealistic avatars

Moreover, it’s easy to keep everyone actively engaged in the conversation, spending coffee breaks with mini-games, texting in a chat, or taking part in hilarious quizzes.