How to conference call on Samsung Galaxy S4

It’s easy to get stuck trying to connect several people in one line, especially when you’ve just bought a new Samsung gadget. You can try to set up a conference call using a native Samsung app or... Our team will be happy to make things easier with a brand-new service for video conferencing - Whoosh!

Let your phone do its job!

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can make a conference call with up to five people using a build-in dialer app. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the home screen, open the phone address book with all your contacts, choose the first number you want to dial, and tap the "Call" icon.
  2. Next, you need to set up the second call. To do this, tap “Add” on the main screen.
  3. Enter the second participant's name or number, then tap the "Phone" icon.
  4. To connect these people and go into conference mode, tap “Merge calls”.
  5. Repeat the actions until everyone has successfully joined the conversation.

Things to bear in mind

Making phone calls involving several participants has some significant shortcomings:

  • A service provider takes a per-minute charge that can be extremely high in case you often phone abroad.
  • The number of conference participants is strictly limited.
  • The process of setting up a conference varies on different Samsung models. That's why you'd better consult the official Samsung website for more information.

Considering the above, our team advises using third-party applications developed exclusively for online conference calling with your Samsung smartphone. This will not only help to reduce the mobile operator's costs but also greatly expand the possibilities of remote communication thanks to a wider range of features.

Need something special for conference calls?

Current technologies do everything possible to make virtual communication comfortable, affordable, and enjoyable. And our team, in turn, does everything possible to bring these technologies to you.

Meet Whoosh, a brand-new service for hosting your next engaging and impactful phone or video meeting!

Forget about the distance with Full-HD quality

With Whoosh, video chats are just like being there in person! With crystal-clear Full-HD resolution and superior audio quality, you'll feel like you're right in the room with your teammates, clients, or partners. Plus, our background noise cancellation and audio stream splitting features let you talk to multiple people at once without disturbing anyone else.

Enhance digital co-working with AI

Whoosh offers a wide range of AI-driven features that make your online experience more enjoyable, informative, and engaging.

  • Gesture recognition. Control online events - presentations, webinars, masterclasses - with easy and accurate gesture recognition.
  • Weatherman layouts. Combine the speaker with an interactive background: presentation slides, YouTube videos, or any website.
  • Smart scheduling assistant. Automatically find the best time for your video call, based on your and other participants' work schedules.

Beautify yourself and the space around

Whoosh provides the most realistic virtual backgrounds and touch-up tools for online video calls. With our app, you will always look professional - no more worrying about your background or your appearance! What's more, we offer photorealistic avatars, AR masks and filters to help you get over video call fatigue.

Feel 100% protected

With Whoosh, your date is always safe. We provide multi-party encryption, GDPR compliance, and 24/7 network safety monitoring to ensure your privacy and security. In addition, our host controls give you complete control over who can join a meeting and when.

Stay connected on other devices

Our software is compatible with all modern iOS and Android-based smartphones and provides a quick and convenient wireless connection to help you stay in touch.

With Whoosh on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you’ll get the latest software for online gatherings along with a smart system, carefully adapting to your personal needs. Find it on the Google Play Store and enjoy next-level video meetings!

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