How to conference call on Samsung S2

If you’re about to hold urgent negotiations with foreign partners and have no laptop at hand, you can use your Samsung Galaxy S2 to start a conference call. It’s easier than ever with our helpful guide!

How do your best at making a 3-way call on Samsung S2?

Online meetings are a usual thing when you work remotely. Modern technologies and our devices can make us more productive. For example, your Samsung S2 is always ready to assist you in arranging a conference call with your colleagues or customers. The process is rather simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Dial the first person you want to talk to.
  2. Set the call on pause and dial the second participant.
  3. Then, tap Merge calls to join you three into one conversation.
  4. Add other people the same way. That’s it! 


Tip from our team: the process of starting a phone conference may vary on different Samsung devices, that’s why we recommend visiting the official Samsung Galaxy website for more information.

Is there a quicker way?

Yes! And its name is Whoosh. This app is created to turn video conferencing into a simple and enjoyable process and let users take part in virtual events from any modern device anytime they want. To prove our words, we’ve prepared a quick guide on how easy it is to do a conference call on your Samsung Galaxy S2 with Whoosh.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Choose people from your contacts you want to have a chat with.
  3. Invite other participants to join your meeting.
  4. Have fun chatting without limits!


What is more, Whoosh offers other cutting-edge features to improve your virtual experience:

  • AI-powered system: pulse recognition, smart scheduling assistant, Mementos (short video clips based on meeting recordings)
  • High-quality meetups: Full-HD quality, sound separation, and voice enhancement
  • Touch-up tools: AR airbrush, virtual backgrounds, photorealistic avatars
  • Weatherman mode: set diagrams, presentations, websites, third-party streaming services as backgrounds, try gesture recognition for changing slides.

No matter which device you use, communication must go on! Download Whoosh and discover the future of video conferencing!

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