Mobile video conferencing

Video conferencing on a mobile phone allows working anywhere you are and anytime you want. Our team brings this freedom even closer in a brand-new service - CallOut.

Our vision of an ideal application

Modern times require us to be flexible and, what is more, be in multiple places at once. Do you believe that’s impossible? 

Our team sees convenience as the key factor of any software. Because we all know what an urgent meeting is. An ideal video conferencing software for mobile phones should offer the possibility to start a conversation in a few taps. It must be quickly and simply operated by every user, even by those with a little technical knowledge. Furthermore, a good program must have the latest collaboration tools, such as real-time chatting, screen sharing, cloud storage, and reliable web security.

Make impossible things possible

CallOut is a unique service, which includes every tool a modern user needs for effective communication within one app. Whether you use Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows, the program brings an outstanding virtual meeting experience on any operating system.

We’ve carefully worked out each detail to provide you with the best features turning video conferencing through a mobile into a memorable event. Have a look:

  • Unlimited online meetings with Full-HD video and audio quality
  • AI-operated interactive system with a smart virtual assistant capable of scheduling calls and meetings
  • Beautification tools to make you look stunning and ready to do business
  • Mesmerizing 3D backgrounds to change your usual backdrop
  • Fully encrypted data distributed during gatherings