Mobile Video Conferencing

Mobile video conferencing allows working anywhere you are and anytime you want. Our team brings this freedom even closer on a brand-new app - Whoosh. No matter whether you're an iOS or Android mobile device user, video meetings are only a few taps away from you. Let's dive right in!

Our vision of ideal video conferencing apps

Modern times require us to be flexible and, what is more, be in multiple places at once. Do you believe that’s impossible? 

Our team sees convenience as the key factor of any video conferencing app. Because we all know what an urgent meeting is. Ideal conferencing software for mobile phones should offer the possibility to start a conversation in a few taps. Such an app should grant every user - even with a little technical knowledge - the freedom they deserve: be quick, have an intuitive design, and include the latest security features. Furthermore, good video meeting apps must have the latest collaboration tools, such as real-time chatting, screen sharing, cloud storage, and other important features for online events.

What benefits can mobile video meetings bring to a remote team?

According to Statista, in the fourth quarter of 2021, 54.4% of global website traffic was generated by mobile devices (excluding tablets). This leads us to conclude that our smartphones are as important a means of communication as desktops and laptops.

Every remote employee engaged in a mobile video conference at least once and couldn't but note its high efficiency and convenience.

So what opportunities does a mobile conference call entail?

1) The possibility to give an immediate response

By installing a video call app to your mobile device, you're empowering yourself. An important business meeting or important negotiations may catch you on the road, or anywhere far from your computer. That's when a smartphone will come in handy.

2) More freedom

Mobile conferencing also gives us more freedom. It can save time, money, and nerves, being a convenient, fast, and reliable communication channel. This technology is extremely important for employees and employers who are located far from each other, live in different time zones, or have no opportunity to come to the office.

3) Reduced expenses

Wise business owners can significantly reduce costs by introducing a video conferencing app into the working process. It will save money not only on equipment but also on travel and office rent. What is more, online meetings can make the hiring process much simpler and quicker.

4) Higher productivity and efficiency

According to a survey conducted among over 1,300 employees, about 43% of respondents claimed that video conferences have increased their remote teams' productivity. Why so? With a reliable video meeting app, at-home employees can easily communicate and collaborate on various tasks, distribute documents and files, and share presentations from various corners of the globe in a matter of seconds.

5) Stronger connections

When people from different countries work together this entails only positive results: helps to build high-performing and close-knit teams of professionals with diverse views, experiences, cultures, opinions, and ideas.

Make impossible things possible with Whoosh

Today, we'd like you to meet Whoosh, a unique mobile video conferencing platform, which includes every tool a modern user needs for effective communication within one app. Whether you use Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows, the app brings an outstanding video calling experience on any operating system.

We’ve carefully worked out each detail to provide you with the best features turning mobile video conferencing into a truly interactive and engaging experience.

What do we offer for iOS and Android mobile devices?

Being a cross-platform app, which is designed to meet the challenges of team collaboration, Whoosh provides a wide range of leading-edge features for mobile video conferencing.

The following are highlights of our solution for mobile devices based on Apple iOS/Apple OS X and Android OS:

High-quality video calls

Being almost a fully remote team, we understand what it is to spend half of the working day negotiating over various important issues with colleagues, partners, or customers at the video and audio meetings. That's why we wanted to create an app that will provide the possibility to turn these rather stressful events into pleasant and comfortable activities. How? Using Whoosh, you'll never see a pixelated version of other video meeting participants. With our improved wide-angle camera and Full-HD video calls, your online event will look and feel as professional as if you're right there in person.

Supreme audio calls

Sound quality is no less important for mobile video conferencing than video quality. When you're working from home various distractions and annoying sounds, like loud music or children's shouts are inevitable. Hopefully, Whoosh has a perfect solution: separated audio streams ensure that everyone can stay focused on the discussion, and background noise canceling keeps distractions to a minimum.

AI-powered interactive features

The latest technologies allow making mobile video conferencing as close to face-to-face meetings as possible. Here, on Whoosh, you can find a broad range of tools powered by AI and ML.

So what are they?

  • Gesture and emotion recognition
  • Cloud meeting recordings
  • Mementos - short video mashups with all meaningful moments of a conference call
  • Screen sharing
  • Smart scheduling assistant
  • Virtual whiteboarding

Touch-up tools

Whoosh is designed to make users' online experience as smooth and productive as possible. Our wide-angle AI-powered camera ensures you're always in focus while our high-end touch-up tools let you quickly refresh your look before a video chat begins.

What we offer:

  • Face retouching
  • 3D animated and static backgrounds
  • Photorealistic avatars
  • Gorgeous filters and effects

Unlimited video conferencing with up to 100 meeting participants

Our team offers users 3 types of subscriptions, including a free one - Standard. If you're new to virtual meetings, it may be a good idea to start with a basic plan that offers 24-hour conference calls with up to 4 active participants and several basic features, including screen sharing, AR content, and virtual backgrounds. By subscribing to more advanced plans you'll get access to many other incredible features and will be able to set up a video chat with up to 100 participants.

Upscale web security

Our video conferencing app offers 100% secure virtual communication complying with only globally proven security certifications - ISO, HITRUST, SOC, and others. All users can be sure their personal information, messages, and video recordings are fully protected. The security risk is lowered with multi-party data encryption, 24/7 safety monitoring, and SRTP protocols.

Cross-platform video conferencing app for iOS and Android

The greatest news for iOS and Android users is that Whoosh is supported on both operating systems. Whoosh is compatible with iOS 6 and above, as well as Android models 4.1 and up. The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.