iPhone 6S - Conference Call

Got stuck with arranging a conference call on your iPhone 6S? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. Let's figure out how to use the native phone app to host a conversation with multiple people at once. Or maybe you want a more advanced solution? Keep reading to learn more!

Conference calls and iPhones

The conference calling feature is perfect for businesses and professionals who often need to hold teleconference meetings with colleagues, clients, and partners.

Originally, this technology allows users to connect multiple people into one line and hold various kinds of virtual events, from daily briefings to large-scale presentations and webinars.

As for the mobile conferencing on Apple smartphones, it has some limitations:

  • A strictly limited number of participants: up to five people
  • Extra expenses on dialing several people at once
  • Additional limits set by a service carrier (cost, participants, feature availability, etc.)

But still, this option is the easiest and most accessible for common users. So let's figure out how to set up a conference call on iPhone 6S with the built-in tool.

Calling with the native app

If an important meeting is just about to start and you realize that everything you have is your Apple iPhone 6S, you should be aware of how to make a conference call on it.

Our team prepared a helpful guide to help you get your bearings:

1) Tap the Phone icon on your home screen. Enter the number you want to dial and tap the Call icon. Alternatively, you can select the Contacts tab and choose a number there.

2) Then, tap Hold to put the first person on hold and initiate the second call. For that, tap Add.

3) To connect two participants, tap Merge calls.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a conference. Now invite more people to enter it repeating all the above-mentioned steps.

Pro tips

  • If you want to talk privately with a certain chat participant, tap Private.
  • To add an incoming caller, select Hold & Accept.
  • To finish the conference, tap the End Call icon.

Note: in case you face any connectivity issues, please, visit the official Apple website where you'll find more detailed information about the conference calling on iOS devices.

Calling with Whoosh

Today, there are a lot of different ways to stay connected with distant teammates, partners, and clients on your iPhone 6S. But what if you could have a more personal and engaging conversation? With Whoosh, you can. Our platform is packed with AI-driven tools that make every video meetup feel like meeting in person. Whether you’re looking for a more natural way to communicate or just want to make the next video call more enjoyable, Whoosh got you covered.

Our key features

Outstanding video & audio quality

Whoosh is a video chat app that offers the best quality possible. With Full-HD video and audio, background noise muting, and audio stream splitting, the app allows you to have the most productive and seamless video call experience possible.

Endless calls to any part of the globe

Our platform offers users to host unlimited online conferences with people from any country in real-time and without any hassle. Whoosh grants users more freedom by allowing them to arrange online meetings with up to 100 people at once (in comparison with only 5 participants permitted to connect on the native app).

AI-powered tools

Whoosh is packed with features that make the user experience more fun and productive. With our app, you can use gestures to control the meeting and send emoji, turn on a weatherman layout to help viewers focus on a presentation, choose from dozens of immersive 3D backgrounds, and record Mementos to catch up with missed events.

Compatibility with any Apple device

The greatest news about our app is that it's available on any model of iPhone. So it doesn't really matter whether you're a user of iPhone 6S, 7, or even iPad. Everything you need to host an engaging video meeting with Whoosh is a stable internet connection and a charged smartphone.

High-end web security

Whoosh strives for making the user experience 100% safe. Multi-party encryption ensures your meetings are always secure, while host controls allow you to protect the virtual room from unwanted access. The app is also GDPR compliant, providing you with the peace of mind that your data are always safe.

Download Whoosh today and start organizing engaging and productive video meetings.

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