How to Make a Conference Call - iPhone 6

Living in a world where remote work has become the new normal, we all periodically engage in online meetings. But sometimes they got us on the road with no laptop at hand. Fortunately, you’ve got a smartphone in your pocket. In this blog post, we'll figure out how to make conference calls right from your iPhone 6. Ready to dive in?

What does your iPhone 6 offer?

It’s a usual thing to get stuck while reading never-ending instructions. Luckily, there's an easy way to engage in conference calling on Apple iPhone 6 - by using the native app.

To make things easy, our team has prepared a short manual with all the necessary steps. Here they are:

  1. On your Home screen tap Contacts and choose the first person you want to call. Tap the Phone icon to start a conversation.
  2. After the first person answers, tap Add on the current screen.
  3. Enter the second number or choose it from your contacts.
  4. While the current call remains on hold, the second one is being connected. Now tap Merge calls to connect them.
  5. Repeat the actions 2-4 until all the participants have been added. 

Important notes!

  • You can dial up to five people using the native phone app. Contact your carrier for additional information about the limits.

Want more?

Other options to try with iPhone 6:

  • Tap Info to check which contacts or numbers are taking part in a current conversation.
  • Tap Private to divide the virtual room and talk privately with a chosen person.
  • Tap End Call icon to finish the conference.
  • If you want to enter an existing conference call, just dial the host number at a scheduled time. When prompted, enter the code provided to join the conversation.

That’s it! Now it won’t take much effort and nerves to make a conference call on iPhone 6.

What does Whoosh offer?

What if there is a better solution for keeping in touch with your colleagues, customers, and partners? With advanced AI-driven features, unlimited international video calls, and a user-friendly interface.

Meet Whoosh – an app turning plain chats into engaging experiences!

Why us?

Our latest application for making conference calls on iPhone 6 is the most suitable solution for those users, who value high-quality service and easy-to-use apps. So what makes us unique?

Next level of communication

Whoosh is a video chat platform that is revolutionizing the way people communicate on the web. With its powerful AI-driven features, you will never feel drained after hours of video calls. The app makes sure you have the most impactful meeting experience with the least amount of time wasted. And best of all, you can phone any part of the world for as long as you want without worrying about extra charges.

Online meetings of upscale quality

Not every service can boast of Full-HD video and sound quality. But on Whoosh it's so good that you will believe you're right in the room with your distant teammates, students, or customers. Plus, with additional sound enhancements like audio stream splitting, you can form a group with other participants and discuss important issues without disturbing the main speaker.

AI-powered tools

Whoosh is packed with fantastic AI-driven tools:

  • Gesture recognition makes it easy to control everything with simple hand gestures.
  • Touch-up tools help you look professional every second you're online.
  • Weatherman-style layouts allow combining the background and the speaker for a truly immersive experience.
  • Mementos (cloud recordings) create short video mashups with all the highlights of a missed event.

Compatibility with any iPhone model

No matter which type of iPhone is in your pocket - Whoosh is supported on any of them. Want to check this out? Just open the App Store, find our app, and download it. You'll fall for Whoosh from the very first second!

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