How to conference call on Samsung S6

If you have a remote job or distant relatives and friends, online meetings are what you got to arrange regularly. For such occasions, your Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a native phone app with the feature of conference calling.

Try what your mobile offers

One of the great things about the Samsung S6 is that it includes several features that are helpful for business people. For example, you can easily set up a conference call with multiple people. To do this, first, make sure you have the required contacts saved in your phone. Then, when you are ready to start a conversation, follow these steps:

  1. Dial the first person. For that, tap the Phone icon on the home screen and then tap the Keypad tab to dial a certain number. Or tap the Contacts tab and enter the first few letters of the desired contact.
  2. After that, tap the “Add Call” icon and dial the second contact.
  3. To connect two calls, tap “Merge”.
  4. Repeat from the beginning until every person has joined the chat.
  5. To finish the conversation, tap the "End Call" icon.


Things to consider:

  • Samsung’s S6 software for conferences allows inviting up to five members but with a per-minute fee. Sometimes a talk requires much time to discuss everything, so it may cost you a fortune.
  • Other Samsung models may have a slight difference in the process of hosting a conference. To avoid possible mistakes, we recommend visiting the official Samsung website.
  • If you need more advanced software with a wider range of features for remote communication, you should consider special video call apps, like Whoosh.

What is Whoosh?

Whoosh occupies a special place among apps created for online video conferencing. All the efforts of its development team are aimed at making video communication convenient, accessible, and comfortable for everyone. So what does it offer to a demanding Samsung user?

AI-powered virtual meetings

With interactive AI technology, you can use gestures to control everything during meetups, hold interactive presentations with weatherman layouts, and set the most convenient time for the next meeting with a smart scheduling assistant. What's more, AI can record a unique video mashup including all the highlights of a missed online event.

100% secured data

Whoosh provides highly secure video calls that are compliant with international security certifications. Additionally, the app offers host controls to allow administrators to restrict calling and chatting features for specific users or groups, as well as multi-party encryption to keep conversations confidential.

HD video & impressive sound

Live communication is what we all crave today. With the Full-HD video quality, you will get the experience of an offline event. Furthermore, you can hear the voice of each person clearly, thanks to high-end audio enhancements.

Unlimited meetings for up to 100 people

We care about our customers’ needs, so the service allows hosting 24-hour virtual events, inviting everybody you wish.

Whoosh is an ideal app for hosting online meetings, which will perfectly complement your Samsung S6. Don’t waste time and download it on Google Play!

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