How to conference call on Samsung S7

The times when meetings were arranged by gathering everyone in the same room around the table are gone. With modern software, it’s easy to make a conference call using Samsung Galaxy S7 wherever and whenever you wish.

Making a conference call - Samsung S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a number of features that are perfect for business users. One of these is the conference call tool. It allows you to add up to five people to one call, making it easy to remotely collaborate with colleagues or clients.

To make sure you do everything correctly, our team has prepared a short manual on how to dial several people at once with a native Samsung dialer app.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Home screen, choose a person from the phone's address book, and tap the "Phone" icon.
  2. Once the connection is established, select "Add" on the ongoing call screen, and dial the second contact.
  3. To join two calls together, tap the "Merge Calls" icon.
  4. Repeat these actions until all parties have entered the chat room.
  5. To finish the conversation tap the "End Call" icon.

Quick note: this manual may not be suitable for conference calls on other Samsung devices. For more detailed information, we recommend that you visit the official Samsung website.

Short Q&A from our team

How many people can I invite to a conference set up with a Samsung phone?

A native Samsung app allows a limited number of members to take part in a conversation, and only the host is able to invite other people. You should consult your service provider about specific limits.

How much should I pay for such type of connection?

Usually, mobile operators charge excessive fees for hosting conferences, especially international ones. For example, the British Vodafone charges £55/minute.

Are there any better alternatives?

Fortunately, yes! There is a huge range of special apps for video and audio online meetings that set almost no limits on virtual communication. For example, Whoosh.

Why Whoosh?

Our team has developed an app, which serves as the most useful tool for remote communication and collaboration on Samsung S7. With Whoosh, it's incredibly easy to arrange virtual events of any scale, and type, and from any part of the world!

Ready to upgrade your smartphone?

Host engaging and impactful online meetings with Whoosh – an outstanding user-friendly app, created to make video conferencing an enjoyable, comfortable, and affordable experience for every user.

The platform boasts cutting-edge AI-driven features, which perfectly accompany all online meetings: 

  • Full-HD video & audio quality of every outcoming and incoming call
  • 100% secured communication
  • Unique AI-based tools: gesture recognition, weatherman layouts, cloud recordings
  • Touch-up tools and animated 3D backgrounds
  • Virtual assistant, capable of scheduling important events
  • Up to 500 participants at once
  • No conversation time limits

And that’s just a small part of the unique features the app includes. Be sure - we’ve made everything possible for your Samsung Galaxy S7 to provide a superb user experience.

Still hesitating? Visit the Play Market and download Whoosh, a brilliant solution to keep in touch with your colleagues, clients, and partners!

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