How to conference call on Samsung Galaxy S3

A traditional phone conferencing is a call between three and more people. Latest technologies allow setting it up from any modern device - desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But how to start a conference on Samsung Galaxy S3? In today’s article, we’ll reveal all the secrets of this incredibly simple process. Off we go!

How do your best at arranging conferences on Samsung Galaxy S3?

If you consider yourself not technically savvy enough to dial multiple people at once, our team is here to help! Just follow our practical guide below and see for yourself that your Samsung Galaxy S3 is a pro in connecting multiple people in a single call.

  1. Dial the first participant who is going to join your meeting.
  2. Pause the first call and dial the second contact.
  3. Tap Merge Calls to gather participants together in one conversation.


That’s it! Now you can discuss everything you want with as many people as your carrier allows. But remember that usually such services cost a lot and long-lasting talks may lead to substantial expenses. 

Quick tip: for more information about arranging conferences on other Samsung smartphones, we recommend visiting the official Samsung Galaxy website.

Need a more cost-effective solution?

And we’re delighted to introduce it! Meet Whoosh, a brand-new app for stress-free video calls and only joyful online meetings without worries about per-minute charges. 

To understand how user-friendly this platform is, take a glance at the manual for arranging a virtual conference call on Samsung Galaxy S3 with Whoosh:

  1. Download the application from the App Store, Google Play, or just go to the official website and use the web version.
  2. Invite up to 100 people to join the online meetup.
  3. Wait until everyone enters the virtual room.
  4. Enjoy flawless conversation anytime and anywhere you are!


Furthermore, the platform offers a free plan with all the necessary features for successful work, communication, and cooperation.

A little more about Whoosh

Whoosh is created to make conference calls on your Samsung S3 more comfortable and closer to reality. The developers put all their efforts into the app's success, introducing the following exclusive features:

  • Full-HD video quality with a crystal clear image and sound.
  • AI-powered meeting recordings and Mementos - custom video clips made by AI containing all the significant moments of a meetup.
  • Smart personal assistant and sync with the calendar ensuring you’ll always have a clear view of your schedule.
  • Enhanced sound quality with speech separation and participant grouping that lets your team chat with clarity and without confusion or interruptions.
  • Presentation tools for truly interactive experiences with a revolutionary weatherman layout, gesture recognition, screen sharing, and virtual whiteboard.
  • Touch-up, AR masks and filters, and photorealistic avatars, which make it easy to always look your best.

Don’t waste your time and money on outdated services your Samsung S3 uses to set up conference calls! Download Whoosh and let the conversation flow!

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