How to conference call on iPhone 7

Feeling overwhelmed with that global pandemic stuff, not understanding how to communicate with your teammates, clients, and partners under all the restrictions? Fortunately, your iPhone 7 has several handy features. In today's post, we'll discover a nifty one - walk through how to set up a conference call on iPhone.

For starters: using the native app of your iPhone 7

Did you know that it’s really easy to start a meeting with several participants using your Apple iPhone 7? Just follow our quick manual and enjoy pleasant chatting with up to five people at once.

  1. Go to your contacts list and choose the first person you want to dial. Or tap the Call icon and enter the desired number.
  2. After the first person answers, tap Add and dial the second person.
  3. To make a conference call, you should connect all people in one line. For that, tap Merge calls.
  4. To add more people to the current call, repeat the steps till everyone has joined the conversation.
  5. To end the active call, tap the End call icon.

The built-in phone app doesn’t support conference calls involving large groups of people. It allows joining only up to five calls. Moreover, this type of connection includes a per-minute charge that can be rather high.

Note: For more information about conference calling we recommend consulting your service provider. And in case you face any issues with the connectivity, try visiting the official Apple website to get additional information about your phone model and its features.

For experts: keeping in touch with Whoosh

A much more convenient way to arrange a conference call on your iPhone 7 is to use an online application that allows setting up large-scale meetings from any place in the world, with anyone you want, and without any extra fees.

The market offers numerous options for various needs: from simple apps for quick syncs to all-in-one solutions, which combine the features of a video chat app, customer support service, and a project management platform. But they won't work for everyone.

That's why our team has come up with an ideal solution for online meetings - Whoosh.

Why Whoosh?

There are a lot of video conferencing platforms on the market these days, so what makes Whoosh stand out? We’re glad you asked! Here are the top 5 reasons:

  1. Simplicity
    Our platform is simple and easy to use – no learning curve required! Whether you’re joining a meeting from your iPhone or your laptop, Whoosh is incredibly user-friendly.
  2. High quality
    We offer Full-HD video quality and crystal-clear audio, so you can see and hear everyone in a call as if you're meeting in reality.
  3. Intelligence
    We've got a broad range of AI-driven tools that make the online experience engaging, comfortable, and fatigue-free: touch-up tools, photorealistic avatars, 3D animated backgrounds, and weatherman-style layouts.
  4. Convenience
    With us, you won't miss a meetup again! Whoosh offers you to record Mementos - dynamic meeting recaps with all the highlights of a missed event. You can save hours on watching these short video mashups and catch up with everything that took place in minutes!
  5. Productivity
    Digital co-working on mobile has never been more effective! With Whoosh, you can draw on a virtual whiteboard, share your screen with important docs, or discuss new projects in a live chat with your teammates.

With so many video conferencing apps for iPhones to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your needs. Whoosh has a lot to offer, including a strong focus on security and privacy, a wide range of features, and a low price point. We also guarantee you'll get a great user experience, which is essential for keeping your team connected and productive. Plus, with a broad variety of integrations, it'll be twice easier to get started with Whoosh. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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