How to conference call on iPhone 5S

Have you just started a remote job and don’t know how to arrange online meetings with your boss and colleagues? No matter whether you have some business issues or want to have a chat with your team, it’s easy to make a conference call using an iPhone.

Short manual for 5S

  • The first step – set up a conversation
    That’s what you usually do: simply ring the first person who is about to take part in the meeting.
  • The second step – adding another member
    After a successful connection, dial the next participant, while the first one remains on hold.
  • The third step – joining everyone together
    To do so, tap the “Merge” button. 
  • Repeat with other members
    When everything’s done, you will engage in a conference on your iPhone 5S.

In case you have any connectivity issues, try visiting the official Apple website to get more information.

There is a better way to stay connected

By using the phone’s native app, you won’t be able to host a long-lasting webinar with more than five attendees. Besides, offline calling may cost you a fortune. 

Another way to arrange virtual chats is to download an app, which offers such a feature.

Try searching ‘conference call’ on the App Store and you’ll discover a broad range of options.

But how to choose an app that satisfies all your requirements?

Trust our talented developers and download Whoosh, the best platform for arranging online meetups on mobile.

Why Whoosh?

It offers no limits

The iPhone 5S restricts the number of meeting participants. You won’t run into such trouble with our app. Moreover, we allow users to hold meetings for as long as they wish.

It’s quick and simple 

Everything you need to start working with the service is only a phone and a stable internet connection.

It’s smart and interactive

With our powerful AI-driven features, you can use gesture recognition, watch smart cloud recordings with all the meeting highlights, and refresh your look with our fantastic touch-up tools. 

Be sure, once you’ve installed Whoosh, you won’t imagine your life without it!

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