Conference call on cell phone

Not so long ago remote jobs were something out of the Universe. That’s not a big deal anymore with modern apps for virtual collaboration. Meet CallOut, a leading-age service that occupies a special place on the market.

What is a conference call?

A conference call, as the name implies, is a phone call made with the help of a specialized system for online communication. It serves to gather two or more people in one virtual room, where they can share ideas, negotiate over important issues and just have an informal chat. Such gatherings are the staple of any team, on-site or remote. 

Cell phones provide the possibility to host conference calls wherever and whenever you wish. All you need to do is to take your mobile phone, install a suitable app and start a conversation with your friends, coworkers, and clients.

How about CallOut?

You might have used several services for web gatherings and still haven’t found the perfect solution. But you haven’t tried CallOut!

There are several reasons to start using it today:

  • Full-HD video quality

See each person online as if you’re talking in reality. Turn on the camera and say hi to a clear image of your interlocutors.

  • Interactive AI-powered system

Haven't you dealt with artificial intelligence? Try gesture recognition, pulse detection, and a smart beautification tool to make online meetings fun and memorable!

  • Meeting recordings

Quickly catch up on everything missed with the possibility to record any event you aren’t able to attend. Each video is accompanied by a transcript to save your time on watching.

  • Available on all modern devices

Switch between gadgets in a few taps without the necessity to create new accounts. The program is compatible with various operating systems - Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows.

  • Unique offer for our clients

Enjoy free phone conference calls subscribing to our basic plan without monthly expenses.