Conference Call on Cell Phone

Not so long ago remote jobs were something out of the Universe. That’s not a big deal anymore with modern apps for virtual collaboration. Meet Whoosh, a leading-edge video conferencing service for engaging and impactful conference calling.

What is a conference call?

It's a phone conversation arranged with the help of a specialized system for online communication. It serves to gather three or more participants in one phone conversation simultaneously, where they can share ideas, negotiate over important issues, or arrange a formal conference call with superiors. Such gatherings are the staple of any team, on-site or remote. 

Most mobile devices provide the possibility to host virtual meetups wherever and whenever you wish. All you need to do is to take your iOS or Android phone, install an appropriate app and start a conversation with your friends, coworkers, and clients.

How to set up conference calls on a mobile phone?

To start an online meeting on a mobile device you just need to follow these four simple steps:

1. Download any reliable app from the store.

If you have an Android phone, go to Google Play, if you're an iOS user, go to the App Store. The most popular options are Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Whoosh.

2. Start a call

Open the app, go to your Contact list and dial the first person. Wait for the answer and set the call on pause.

3. Dial the second person

Enter the number of the second party, wait for the answer once again.

4. Merge calls

Now it's time to merge two calls. To do that, tap Merge Calls icon. Congratulations! You've set up a three-way call! Now, add the next person. Repeat till everyone joins the conference.

Cell phone & conference call with Whoosh

You might have used several services to make a conference call and still haven’t found the perfect solution. But you haven’t tried Whoosh!

What is so special about it? Let's see!

The Whoosh development team has created not just another app for free conference calls but a unique all-in-one solution for engaging remote communication and collaboration.

There are several reasons to start using it today:

Full-HD video and excellent sound quality of every video conference call

See each person online as if you’re talking in reality. Turn on the camera and say hi to a crystal clear image of your interlocutors. Get rid of all unnecessary distractions with background noise muting and sound enhancement. Enable audio splitting that allows meeting participants split into groups, where they can either talk one-on-one or conduct private conversations with other participants without interrupting the main speaker.

Interactive AI-powered system with a virtual assistant

Haven't you dealt with artificial intelligence? Try gesture recognition, photorealistic avatars, and smart touch-up tools to make online meetings engaging, memorable, and full of happy moments! Waiting for an important meeting with foreign partners? Let our intelligent scheduling assistant choose the best possible time considering the difference in time zones and working hours of each participant.

Mementos - smart meeting recordings

Quickly catch up on everything missed with the possibility to record any event you weren't able to attend. Record Mementos - short video mashups consisting of every important moment of a missed event. With this feature, every 1-hour long conference transforms into a highly informative 5-minute video clip. What is more, every recording is accompanied by a transcript for you to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Available on all modern devices

Switch between gadgets in a few taps without the necessity to create new accounts. The program is compatible with various operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows devices.