Customer Interaction Management Software

Build a meaningful customer interaction strategy with Whoosh, an app developed to turn every customer journey into another possibility to drive curiosity, boost retention, and gather valuable feedback.

What’s it all about?

Have you ever had a frustrating experience dealing with a customer service representative? Or maybe you've been on the other end of the phone, struggling to understand why your call is being routed to India instead of Kentucky? Chances are, you've interacted with a support agent at some point in your life. And if you haven't, then you've likely used a product or service that was created or supported by one.

So what exactly is customer interaction management (CIM)?

In today's digital era, good customer service is more important than ever. With so many businesses competing for clients, it's essential to have a system that allows you to effectively manage customer interactions. That's exactly where CIM comes in.

CIM is a process that helps you track, record, and analyze all customer interactions, from phone calls and emails to social media messages and chat transcripts. By doing so, you can gain a better understanding of your customers' needs and demands.

How customer interactions impact your business

The client is always right, or so the saying goes. While this might not be entirely accurate, customers do have a major impact on businesses. What consumers say or do can help or hurt a company's bottom line. Hence, businesses should track and measure negative and positive interactions to make data-driven decisions. By understanding what your audience wants and needs, your enterprise can improve customer service and boost sales.

Why else does CIM matter?

Encourage brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is something that companies often seek but find hard to achieve. Many factors can influence whether a customer will be loyal to a brand, but one of the most important is their interactions with the company. There are many ways to encourage people to interact with a brand, but three methods are more important than the rest: providing unique experiences, building community engagement, and offering valuable consumer insights. By using these three methods, businesses can increase customer loyalty and encourage buyers to stick with a brand for the long run.

Reduce negative reviews

If you're running a business, it's crucial to keep your clientele happy. One way to do that is by making sure they have an enjoyable experience while interacting with you. That means answering their questions quickly and politely and addressing any problems they have.

If you do that, you'll reduce the chances of them leaving negative reviews. And even if they do leave one, you can always try to make things right by apologizing and offering a discount or free product or service.

Boost referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the key sources of leads for businesses. In fact, 88% of consumers say they trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other form of advertising. Referred customers are more likely to become long-term, loyal customers, and businesses can increase their referral rates by as much as 25% by simply interacting with their audience more often and through multiple channels.

Retain existing customers

Happy clients are more likely to be retained than unhappy ones. To satisfy their needs, you should figure out what makes your clients happy. This can be done by studying customer feedback channels and interactions.

Improve customer relationships

Businesses of all sizes are always looking for ways to improve relationships with clients. Many companies turn to the customer interaction cycle as a way to gain insights into what people want and need. This study can take many different forms, including surveys, focus groups, interviews, and social media monitoring. By analyzing customer data and feedback, companies can make changes that improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Whoosh: choosing a robust customer interaction management solution

Are your clients satisfied with the service? Is your support team productive enough? Which channels are better to use?

Whoosh helps to answer all the questions. Our team of talented developers created a unique solution for a business to leave only a pleasant impression.

Empower all your customer conversations

Let your clients speak their minds and understand you’re the one who hears them, for real. With Full-HD video quality and outstanding sound, every call will end with success, not with a negative review on Google Maps. Plus, with our background noise cancellation, nothing will hinder productive communication and deal-making.

Do more with AI assistance

If you want to increase the productivity of your support agents, trust our app on this! The software is AI-powered meaning this smart technology is going to help you deal even with the most challenging cases.

Reports & analytics

  • Smart reports and business analytics. Let AI gather all the information about the calls your agents make. This information is valuable for developing strategies to enhance customer experience.
  • Personal assistant. Integrate your calendar with the app and see how our AI-powered scheduling assistant suggests the most appropriate time and date for your next call or meeting.

Presentation features

  • Weatherman-style layouts. Combine the speaker with the background to create a unique experience that's just like streaming on YouTube.
  • 3D immersive backgrounds. Adjust your presentation on the fly - our virtual backgrounds add an exciting new dimension to your call.

Touch-up tools

  • Photorealistic avatars. Create your virtual twin that perfectly imitates your facial expressions and movements.
  • AR masks and filters. Forget about neverending preparations for the meeting with our enchanting beautification tools.

Cloud recordings

  • Mementos. Record moments: AI analyzes a saved online meeting and creates a short mashup with all its highlights. Rewatch it later to analyze how effective the employees work.
  • Transcripts. Watch Mementos and get a real-time transcript of everything that was said. Be sure: you'll never miss a word!