Best-in-Class Video Platform

Let your business grow using Whoosh. It's designed specifically for business video conferencing needs. <br> HD video quality, unlimited meetings, interactive team-building tools - everything made for fruitful communication with the camera on!

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Take your business online

Go virtual for all your business needs with a high-quality video and secure connection and encryption. Demonstrate, flip, zoom and warp your charts, graphs, and tables in real-time and completely eliminate the need for in-person interaction!

Quick phone connection and screen sharing

Grow your business and use premium video conferencing technologies across all verticals, including HR and sales. Lose no time in connecting your phone and sharing your screen with the interlocutors! With Whoosh you can share any presentation or monthly report in a tap.

Background replacement

Got some home repairs ruining your video calls or children running around in the background? Just replace your background with a new and refreshing one! Choose from our dozens of cool and dynamic backgrounds to suit any task on your video calls! Switch up your employees' daily routine with unique and exciting backgrounds that take your video calls to the next level!


Instantly ramp up your look with built-in beautification features that work in real-time to make you feel confident and comfortable during your weekly meetings and conference calls.

Record screen & save video

Record everything that's happening on the screen and save it in your archive. Playback your saved video calls at any time. Catch up on everything you missed with your recorded videos, whether it's a business call, HR or sales meeting, negotiations with clients, or simply a meeting with your colleagues!