How to send a fax from your iPhone

Don’t be surprised if while talking to a partner or a representative from another company, you receive a request to send a fax. Yes, it’s 2021, but still, there are organizations that keep using this old-fashioned technology and do this quite actively. You agree, but everything you have is just an iPhone or a laptop - no fax machine at hand. Is it possible to send a fax from an iPhone? Fortunately, yes! Here are some useful apps that will connect you with old-school organizations.

How to send a fax from your iPhone

Is fax still alive?

These numbers may surprise you, but around 17 billion faxes are still sent each year. This means that millions of people send at least one fax a day. But there are reasons for that.

  • It’s a secure means of communication

Companies in every industry put all their efforts into providing secure service. For some, like education, financial and banking, medicine, and government organizations, it’s the main factor of successful work. Sharing important data and documents on the web may not be so safe as distributing their paper versions, especially those with personal identifying information. By sending faxes, you can be sure that shared information won’t be stolen by hackers and Internet fraudsters.

  • It’s a tradition across generations

Would you agree that not every customer or employee has enough technical background to use advanced services for web-based collaboration? This problem is quite common among older generations and people who don’t have modern gadgets and various virtual communication tools. But they can effectively operate fax machines. So why lose a long-term client or pass up a great deal when you have a specialist knowing everything about faxes? 

  • It can integrate with the Internet

Nowadays, fax machines can be connected to the Internet, or you may use a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone instead of them. Modern gadgets adopt various technologies to do that: built-in capabilities, email clients, or web browsers. Moreover, documents can be delivered via online apps for faxing, available on any device from an iPhone to a PC.

How to send a fax from an iPhone?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably seeking some possible options to share a document, preferably free of charge and not requiring specialized equipment. Is there a way to send a fax from your iPhone? The good news - it’s possible. The bad news - you’ll have to install a third-party application for this purpose.

Traditionally, if you’re looking for one particular platform, which is fast and simple and does everything you need, the market will offer fifty options. But there’s no need to worry because our team has selected three top apps to try yourself in faxing-from-phone.

1. Scannable

Scannable is an easy-to-use service, provided by Evernote. It offers a bunch of helpful features to work with documents:

  • Fast scanning of various kinds of information: papers, whiteboards, receipts, book excerpts
  • Auto-editing: rotation, cropping, enhancing of images
  • Sharing tools: send documents via email clients, messengers, or export as PDF or JPG files to Evernote, Google Drive, or other platforms for further work

Scannable contains all the basic features to scan a document and share it with other people. Moreover, it’s totally free, so you don’t need to spend money on a technology you use far less often than anything else.

2. eFax

Can you send a fax from a PC to iPhone and vice versa? As eFax's official page in the App Store claims, this service can do that, being the world leader in virtual faxing. In comparison with Scannable, eFax has more advanced features for document distribution. But not free of charge. Progressive functionality requires monthly payments, which start at $16.99/month. If your budget allows such expenses, you’ll get:

  • A personal fax number
  • The possibility to send and receive files from 200+ countries
  • Instant editing, cropping, and photo enhancement
  • Cloud storage for files
  • Online signing of papers

If $17 is an unreasonable price to spend on such a service, take a look at the last option in our list, which is the best fax app for iOS.

3. Whoosh

Probably in ten years or so, fax machines will become no more than just museum pieces. So it’s time to switch to more professional tools for cooperation with your colleagues, partners, and clients. If you’re seeking better alternatives to Zoom or faster alternatives to Skype, there is one app that leaves no one cold. Its name is Whoosh.

This service is more than a plain tool for delivering documents. It’s a virtual workplace with every feature created to make online communication effective:

  • Instant messaging and file distribution
  • Screen sharing to work together, saving paper
  • AI-powered system for better documentation organization and engaging communication
  • Encrypted information
  • Cloud storage
  • Free plan 
  • Other features to host online meetings: HD video conferencing, team-building activities, virtual whiteboard

If you’re looking for the best app to send faxes from iPhone to other devices, Whoosh is the right choice. It’s simple, quick, and reliable, allowing you to cooperate with other people with the help of your smartphone.

I got it! And choose…

Although faxing is an outdated technology, it has all the chances to be upgraded and stay with us as another convenient tool for mobile phones. 

Now, when you know the answer to the question “Can you send fax documents from your iPhone?”, it becomes clear what to do next. We offer three different options: Scannable - for quick and easy document distribution, eFax - professional service with advanced functionality to work with documentation, and Whoosh - a unique solution, which includes a broad range of various tools to help you stay in contact with your colleagues. The choice is yours!

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