How to record a webinar on any device

Have you ever set up or taken part in a live webinar? Of course, you have! And we’re 100% sure that you’ve missed at least one due to some unforeseen circumstances. That’s why special software providing screen recording and streaming exists. It’s extremely beneficial for hosts because they can save a video and after the end of an event share it with everyone present along with those who were absent. Today, let’s find out how to record a webinar on different devices, from a PC to a mobile phone.

How to record a webinar on any device

How to record a webinar on Windows/Mac/smartphone?

Webinar recording is quite easy to perform on Windows and Mac because they offer special built-in screen recording software that allows saving the recorded webinar to your device memory. What concerns smartphones, iPhones also have a free screen recorder pre-installed, but if you’re an Android user, it’s better to look for a specialized service on Google Play.

To make things easier, we compiled a short table, where you can acquire all the necessary information on how to record webinars on your computer or mobile phone. Take a look:




Smartphone (Android/iPhone)


Game Bar

Screenshot toolbar

Android - no

iPhone - Screen Recording

Let’s start recording:

  1. Launch Game Bar: Start Menu => Gear => Gaming. This will allow access to live recording, making screenshots, and broadcasting.
  2. Record a webinar: Win + G => Start Recording
  3. Finish recording: Red recording button => Confirm
  4. Enjoy the result!
  1. Launch Screenshot toolbar: Shift + Command + 5. This allows recording the full screen, a selected zone, or just making a screenshot.
  2. Start recording: click Record.
  3. End video: Command + Control + Esc
  4. Enjoy the result!


  1. Launch Screen Recording: Settings => Control Center => Screen Recording
  2. Record a webinar: turn on the microphone and join a meeting.
  3. Stop recording: Control Center => Record button
  4. Enjoy the result!

Using built-in features is a quick and easy way of webinar recording, but these days there are plenty of services offering this tool along with some additional features that make working online more convenient.

Other helpful tools for virtual events

When standard webinar recording software is not enough for your needs, it’s better to be aware of what else you can use to save a webinar. There are three options to try:

Google Chrome extension

Whether you use Chrome extensions or not, it’s better to start doing this right now. They are not only useful for various purposes from making quick notes to organizing a working day, but also they offer a broad range of features for online meetings and collaboration. And cloud recording is among them. The easiest and most effective one is Loom. It can capture your device screen, record it and enhance audio quality. Loom is very popular among Chrome users, having a 5-star rating and more than 4 million downloads. 

Specialized webinar recording software

If you feel more comfortable having a program installed on your computer, this option is just what you need. Screen capture apps differ in functionality and price, but most of them include the following basic features:

  • Unlimited screen recording time
  • Editing option (cut, paste, audio enhance)
  • Customizable video frame

Take a look at the most popular apps from this category:

  • Free: ShareX, TinyTake, CamStudio
  • Paid: Filmora Scrn, Flashback, Movavi Screen Recorder

Online services with a built-in screen recorder

If you’re just about to join a live webinar arranged with the help of an online platform, it’s not really necessary to install a screen recorder. Usually, such services include it by default. So by using one of them, you’re killing two birds with one stone - taking part in an online event and saving it for later.

Best platforms for recording webinars

1. Whoosh

Whoosh is an app created primarily for business video conferencing and remote work. It has a broad range of features for arranging webinars, setting up video calls, and engaging in virtual conferences. The developers see their major goal in popularizing camera-involved meetings, making them as comfortable and convenient as possible.

What they offer:

  • Full-HD video and audio conference calls
  • AI and ML-based smart meeting recordings with transcripts
  • Screen sharing and whiteboarding
  • Virtual scheduling assistant
  • 100% encrypted communication
  • Integrations with other business platforms, cloud services, and calendars

Moreover, this service offers multi-platform support. So the next time someone asks how to record a streaming video on Mac, Windows, Android, or iPhone, your answer will be: “Whoosh!”.

2. Zoom

It seems everyone used Zoom at least once. The global pandemic is the main reason for its high popularity. Zoom is widely used as the software for video conferencing within a company or between friends and family. It offers free 40-minute conference calls with up to 100 participants at once, representing a perfect solution to hold webinars for small and medium-sized audiences. With the built-in feature of screen recording, it’s another effective tool to employ during live webinars.

What else does it offer:

  • Cloud storage to keep recorded videos with their transcripts 
  • File sharing
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Instant messaging in chats
  • Zoom phone calls from within the app

Zoom convinced us that we can collaborate in teams whenever and wherever we want, regardless of time, distance, and money.

3. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is another popular service for hosting and recording webinars. It’s a professional tool that apart from upscale recording options offers high-quality video conferencing, live chats, file and screen sharing, and many other features for remote teams. The only significant drawback is its pricing. It is possible to use its free trial, but after that, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid plan. All in all, it’s an advanced platform including everything you need to organize a successful virtual meetup.

Its major features are:

  • Cross-platform support: available on desktops, mobiles, and tablets
  • Useful tools for virtual gatherings: pre-recorded events, webcast mode, event promotion, expert meeting planning and support, templates
  • Engaging features: dashboard, multi-presenter mode surveys & polls
  • Professional analytics: participant reports, event analysis, source tracking

Start your first webinar recording

Now you know how to choose a tool to record webinars on any modern devices; how to record webinars you host or join; how to store webinar recordings on cloud service or save them on your computer or phone. You're all set!

Just one more thing. There are various options of robust webinar recording software you can try. If your aim is more than a plain screen recording, then choose advanced services, like Whoosh or Zoom. But if you don’t care much about additional features, just make use of native apps provided by your PC, laptop, or mobile. No matter whether you are one of the participants or a meeting host, having an entire webinar recorded is never too much.

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