6 Zoom alternatives for video calling and conferencing

No matter whether you’re a part of a small-size company, startup, or large corporation, the modern world requires everyone to communicate remotely more. That’s why real-time engagement services are in high demand nowadays. They are convenient, quick, and capable of connecting us with anyone in the world, no matter how long the distance is. Zoom was one of the most popular apps when COVID-19 started and many in-house teams had to find ways to cooperate efficiently without in-person gatherings. But apart from that, there are tons of other options for video conferencing. If you’re cautious, let’s figure out what they are.Zoom was one of the most popular apps when COVID-19 started and many in-house teams had to find ways to cooperate efficiently without in-person gatherings. But apart from that, there are tons of other options for video conferencing. If you’re cautious, let’s figure out what they are.

6 Zoom alternatives for video calling and conferencing

How about Zoom?

If you’re a huge fan of Zoom and know everything about it, you may skip this section.

Those, who haven’t dealt with it before, will be curious to discover why it was and keeps being so popular, what are its major benefits and what are serious shortcomings. Let’s zoom right in!

Zoom is a trendy platform that was created to help people stay in contact while working and communicating remotely. It is available on all modern hardware platforms - tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobile apps for iOS and Android mobiles. 

What are its key video conferencing features?

  • High-quality audio and video meetings
  • Calls with up to 100 active members in a basic plan, 500 - in an enterprise plan
  • Meeting recordings and cloud storage for them
  • Screen sharing
  • Possibility to call non-Zoom users

Zoom is quite convenient, enabling people to set up large group calls, utilize various collaboration tools and choose between different plans. 

However, Zoom may fail from time to time, and also, it’s necessary to have the app installed if you want to join a meeting. What is more, Zoom experienced some issues with data safety, which led to a decline in its popularity. Fortunately, the developers had worked out the problem. But who knows for sure, right?

After all, keeping some alternatives to Zoom in mind would be useful. The only question is what these services are, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.

Top 6 Zoom alternatives for video conferencing

You can’t just choose the first app on the market. It’s better to decide what your primary needs are and what features you would like a service to have. After all, you are the one who’ll be using it to collaborate with partners, clients, and coworkers. 

Not every app is suitable for business needs, some like FaceTime or Facebook Messenger are primarily used for informal conversations, while such famous meeting platforms as Whoosh or Google Meet are perfect for organizing business video conferencing involving many participants.

So what are the best options for corporate communication?

1) Whoosh

Let’s start with a newbie on the market - Whoosh.

It won’t let you suffer from loneliness, offering everything for engaging and entertaining online meetings.

This service is created with outstanding care about customers and the team put efforts into the development of the app, which meets all the requirements of modern users. Using it, you can:

Enjoy superb video and audio quality

With Whoosh, you can see other people as clearly as if meeting in reality. Despite other popular apps, this feature is available to each user without any additional charge. All video calls made via this online conferencing service are worth turning the camera on. 

Forget about camera thrills

Not having a minute to freshen up before a video call? Send worries away by applying beautification filters, which make you look stunning and ready to do business. What is more, if the backdrop leaves much to be desired, easily change it to a neat working space with 3D immersive backgrounds. 

Meet cutting-edge AI and ML technologies

Statistics show that more and more people nowadays suffer from “video call fatigue”. Whoosh’s major goal is to solve this issue. That’s why its software is AI-powered. It offers unique beautification tools to help the camera see the real you. How’s this possible? Install the app and see for yourself.

Keep every video conference recorded

Don’t worry about a missed meeting! Let AI do its work for you. The latest smart tools allow users to record every gathering they were not able to join. But it’s not an ordinary recording. We understand that business meetings usually take long, and not every person has enough time to rewatch an hour-long video. That’s why AI analyses a recording and creates a short mashup of the most important moments, accompanying it with a transcript. 

Talk as long as you want

Whoosh sets no limits on communication. You are allowed to organize long-lasting conferences, webinars, and informal gatherings using the platform without any additional fees. 

As you can see, Whoosh is worth a shot. It provides every function a member of a remote team needs for effective collaboration. It’s easy to use, available on all platforms, and contains unique features, not every service can boast of - artificial intelligence, splitting of audio streams, a broad range of virtual backgrounds for various occasions, and the most important - possibility to set up a free conference call.

2) Google Meet

Google Meet used to be called Google Hangouts. It has managed to develop into an advanced platform for business. Despite being a part of the Google working space, you can use it as a standalone service. 

What makes it different from Zoom is that users don’t have to install an application to host video conferences. It’s enough to simply go to the Google Meet web page and start a conversation from there. After doing so, just share meeting links with everyone you want to invite to the meeting. Before the start, you’ll be offered to preview your screen, check the camera, microphone, and people who have already joined the conference.

Now, let’s highlight its key features:

Includes a free plan to use

If you’re not a part of a large enterprise, Google Meet offers a free plan with all the necessary functions for organizing group meetings. It offers the simplest way to set up a group video call with your team, partners, and customers. Everything they need is just a Google account and a device with an Internet connection. 

Good for holding video conferences

With HD quality of meetings and the possibility to invite up to 250 participants, it’s suitable for arranging large gatherings. Yet, a free plan allows holding only 60-minute meetings for no more than 100 attendees. But that shouldn’t be a problem for small-sized companies.

Secured and encrypted

Unlike Zoom, Google Meet has no troubles with data encryption. It uses professional web protection with anti-abuse measures, which won’t allow hackers to get access to a meeting room and your personal data.

Offers many useful video meeting features

While using the service, you can try live capture, screen and file sharing, meeting recording, host controls, adjustable layout. Google Meet has web and mobile versions, which integrate with Google and Microsoft Office apps.

Advanced Enterprise plan

It allows users to stream conferences to 100,000 listeners simultaneously. Moreover, the service provides full access to smart features such as noise-canceling, some extra Google security features, and G-suite.

Google Meet is perfect for business needs, but also you can use it to keep in touch with your family and friends. Furthermore, it’s an effective solution for the education sphere: teachers can employ the service for organizing a virtual classroom.

3) GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is far from a free alternative to Zoom. It’s only available as a paid platform, but you can use it without charge during a 14-day trial. This time is enough to understand this app is perfect for corporate events. So what can it offer?

A large number of video call participants

When you subscribe to the entry-level payment plan, you are allowed to host video meetings inviting up to 150 attendees. The most advanced plan enlarges this number to 3,000, making it possible to organize all-staff meetings, business events of all sizes, and webinars for many listeners.

Available on all devices and operating systems

GoToMeeting is compatible with all modern gadgets, so you can install it on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. What is more, it offers built-in support for other devices, for example, Polycom or Cisco.

Efficient communication tools

What concerns its key features for group video calls, the app can boast of many of them, including web and mobile video conferencing, cloud-based recordings, document collaboration, convenient chat function, advanced web security, virtual whiteboard and drawing, the possibility to transfer your mouse and keyboard control to another meeting participant. 

Although GoToMeeting is not free, it is worth the money spent. 

4) Microsoft Teams

Among other effective Zoom alternatives, Microsoft Teams positions itself as a cloud-based solution for businesses of all types and sizes. Its most advanced plan offers to host online gatherings with up to 10,000 participants!

The platform represents powerful video conferencing software with the following features:

A full set of collaboration tools

The application offers many useful features for online communication, including AI assistance, screen sharing, meeting recording, unlimited chat messages, whiteboard, host controls, and more. Everything depends on the plan you want to subscribe to.

Cloud storage

Using Microsoft Teams you’re allowed to keep your data, meeting recordings, and shared files on cloud storage - OneDrive. Free users are provided with 10GB of space, while those subscribed to paid versions can use up to a whole terabyte.

A broad variety of plans to choose from

The service offers several plans, regarding the size of your company and its needs. Choosing a basic one, you gain access to all communication tools, including HD video calls, cloud storage, meeting recordings, data encryption. Paid plans allow access to advanced features, such as integration with Office 365, enlarged number of participants and meeting time, scheduled events, and custom backgrounds.

Both free and paid plans are suitable for remote teams of any size, so Microsoft Teams is a good option to try introducing into your working environment.

5) RingCentral

If you’re looking for a simple and convenient platform with all the necessary tools for online business communication, RingCentral is a great variant. You can start using it directly from a web browser without having to download an application. So what else is good about it?

Perfect for large businesses

RingCentral allows hosting conferences with up to 500 attendees at once. This number is enough to gather all your staff in one large group call, organize a webinar or masterclass for customers. 

HD video and audio calls

Despite having a web version available, installing the app is necessary for enjoying high-quality online gatherings. There are two modes of video conferencing: the speaker mode, which shows only the speaker, and the gallery mode, which displays all the participants. 

Up-to-date tools for remote work

The service can boast of several features that are not available in Zoom, for example, a whiteboarding tool, and multi-user screen sharing, which allows many users to display their screens in real time. Additionally, you may try file editing, one-tap desktop/mobile switch, meeting recording, and cloud storage for them.

Integration with other services

The platform allows integrations with calendars, like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, and popular CRMs, for example, Zendesk or Salesforce, making it easy to schedule events with users of different services.

Ringcentral is the last one of our favorites, but that doesn’t mean there are no other apps that may serve you better. The question is how to choose a perfect one for your business?

6) Cisco Webex

Webex is one of the most powerful video conferencing software developed by a famous giant of this industry - Cisco. The app they offer is aimed at making remote meetings an interactive, engaging, and pleasant experience for each user. The app concentrates on introducing innovative technologies, cutting-edge features, and making every video call incredibly easy to join.  What is more, Webex also allows its users to communicate through instant messaging and connect the app with other platforms they use, like Zendesk, Microsoft and Google services, and more.

Its other features for high-quality video conferencing include:

HD video meetings

Like other reliable Zoom alternatives, Webex is AI-powered and this helps to take video meetings to a brand-new level. Using the platform, you can take part in high-definition one-on-one and group video calls with many high-end features for engaging communication: gesture recognition, screen and file sharing, whiteboarding, background noise removal, and endless talking in private and group chats.

Intuitive interface allowing personalization

The Webex interface looks ultra-modern and minimalistic making it really easy to navigate through the app. It also offers to personalize your dashboard and any video call just like you wish: use custom colors, themes, images, participants views, and co-branding.

Instant translation to over 100 different languages

Cisco Webex makes video conferencing with foreign partners and clients much simpler thanks to built-n built-in translation. Using it you can keep in touch with anyone who speaks Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, and other languages without paying attention to a language barrier.

Powerful security features

As for the most important side of every video conference app, Webex is highly secure. It keeps your personal data, shared information and files, messages, and online meetings 100% safe thanks to built-in compliance tools, end-to-end encryption, user verification, eDiscovery, participant IDs, device PINs, and more.

A broad range of integrations

If you're just like any other remote worker who has to switch between various apps hundreds of times a day, you'll find this feature highly convenient for your daily routine. With Webex video conferencing software you can say goodbye to jumping between a thousand opened windows and use your apps right inside Webex. It offers integrations with popular business applications, calendars, marketing and development platforms, CRMs, and other video conferencing services.

Overall comparison

We compiled a comparison table of all the beneficial features of the above-mentioned Zoom alternatives to make you clearly understand their strengths and advantages.


Video quality

Cloud storage

AI-based features

Trial version or a free plan

Communication limits

Number of participants






24 hours

Up to 500

Google Meet


Yes, Google Drive



24 hours, 60 minutes for free

Up to 250





14-day trial


Up to 3000

Microsoft Teams


Yes, OneDrive



24 hours

Up to 10,000






24 hours

Up to 200






24 hours, 50 minutes for free

Up to 3000






30 hours, 40 minutes for free

Up to 1000


What will your final choice be?

You see, they all are great for business needs, each with its peculiarities and unique features. To choose an ideal one just go through our list and try all of them. Be sure, after several tries, you’ll definitely find what you desire!

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