5 Successful Examples of Social Entrepreneurship

Now, living under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many people who highlight the importance of socialpreneurship to the global society. More and more individuals, small and large companies, non-profit organizations begin using their power to make great things, showing us that when enterprises see social value creation as their primary purpose, that can lead to effective solutions to local and global problems. In this post, we’re going to discover 5 brilliant examples of social entrepreneurship and how they try to change the world for the better.

5 Successful Examples of Social Entrepreneurship

Socialpreneurship: what it is and how to become a social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship, also called socialpreneurship, responds to various issues or needs existing in society. 

To become a social entrepreneur, you just need to follow a certain business model. First, let’s take a look at the definition of a social entrepreneur: it’s a person who intends to run a business addressing various social issues and contributing to community development. 

Such individuals or businesses work not just to get income, but operate to benefit local or global communities as well. Additionally, there are some socialpreneurships that don’t follow the standard organizational structure, consisting of volunteers or individual contributors that invest in the organization’s development as much as they want.

These days, companies with social entrepreneurship business models are as successful as traditional enterprises, doing many good things for the global society and getting benefits from it.

5 awesome examples of social entrepreneurship companies


This shoe manufacturer has gone further than traditional entrepreneurship. Its founder Blake Mycoskie has successfully created not just a trendy shoe brand but also pioneered an innovative model of social entrepreneurship. Started as a buy-one-give-one business model, they have grown into a socialpreneurship, which invests ⅓ of its profit in so-called “Grassroots efforts” - organizations that help local communities develop and progress. 

2. Uncommon Goods

The company's major aim is to connect independent makers with customers. They offer a marketplace for those manufacturers whose aim is to produce goods without causing negative effects on people and the planet. The company encourages authors to use only recycled and sustainable materials.

3. GoldieBlox

The primary goal of the company is to motivate girls to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Their main products are inspiring shows, enlightening toys, and creative campaigns, created to show off the variety of female role models and to empower girls to build a confident and bright future. But GoldieBlox also welcomes boys that help level the playing field.

4. United By Blue

United by Blue is a store that, apart from selling different goods, cleans up oceans and waterways. For every product purchased in their shop, the company removes one pound of trash from the ocean. At the time of publication, the organization has removed more than 3,678,000 pounds of trash.

5. Love Your Melon

The brand supports non-profit organizations, which help children fight cancer. They donate 50% of their profit to the creation of therapeutic experiences and funding of charitable initiatives for children and families battling this severe disease. These days they can boast of having given over 8.3 million dollars to the fight against pediatric cancer and over 200,000 hats to children suffering from cancer.

Find your initiative

Looking at all these great examples of entrepreneurial ventures, we can’t but mention that every day a new initiative is created. If you have no chance to start your own, it's time to find out what are some examples of your local social entrepreneurs, who take part in seeking solutions for ecological or healthcare issues. 

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