Zoom: Raise Hand Feature

When you're running a conference or training session and need everyone's attention, what's the best way to get it? That's right, just raise your hand! With technology becoming more prevalent in both professional and personal lives, new hand-raising methods have emerged. While raising your hand the old-fashioned way may still work for some face-to-face gatherings, it's no longer feasible when meeting or working with people remotely. In this blog post, we'll explore two different hand-raising methods that can be used with Zoom (or any other video conference app).

Zoom: Raise Hand Feature

Why do I need to raise my hand during a Zoom meeting?

These days, many video meeting apps include a hand-raising feature as a part of their core functionality. Zoom, with its enormous popularity and 191,000 enterprise customers, is no exception. So what exactly is it for?

During a Zoom meeting when there are multiple people on the call, you might want to ask something or take the floor. In order not to interrupt the main speaker and to start your presentation elegantly, a raise hand feature is used.

How does it work?

When you want to speak, you can either tap "Raise hand" or use a visual cue - raise your palm in front of the webcam and Zoom will automatically switch to you.

This process slightly varies on different devices, so let's take a closer look at it.

How to raise a hand in Zoom meetings: Windows & macOS

If you're just in the middle of a conference call on your Windows or Mac and want to say something, follow these steps:

1) During a call, navigate to the toolbar and click the icon labeled "Reactions". It should be near the bottom center of your screen.

2) You'll see a new window. It should have a big button labeled "Raise Hand" right under the emoji pack. Click it.

3) Look at the top left of your screen. You should see a hand icon that indicates your palm is raised. You will also notice the same hand emoji right next to your name.

4) To lower your hand, go to the "Reactions" screen once again and click "Lower Hand", which should appear instead of "Raise Hand".

Note: This tool is available for all participants, including a meeting host.

Tips for shortcuts fans

  • Mac users: press Option + Y to raise and lower your digital hand
  • Windows users: press Alt + Y to raise and lower your digital hand.

How to raise hand in Zoom meetings: Android & iOS

In case a virtual meeting occurs when you're away from your computer, you can always join it from a Zoom mobile app. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, Zoom is compatible with both. And the hand-raising tool works the same way on them.

To raise your hand, follow these steps:

1) While you're on a call, tap the three horizontal dots labeled "More". You'll find them in the bottom right corner of the current screen.

2) When you see a pop-up, tap "Raise Hand".

3) The meeting host will get a notification that your hand is raised. Moreover, if you tap "Participants", you'll also notice an emoji hand raised next to your name.

4) When it's time to lower your palm, tap "More" once again, and then you'll see the same pop-up with the "Lower Hand" option. Tap it.

Note: For more information about hand-raising on different devices, consult the Zoom official website.

Hand-raising with Zoom gesture recognition

Zoom is constantly buzzing with new, innovative ideas to offer its clients. One such example is gesture recognition.

What is online gesture recognition? It's an AI-based technology, which makes it easy for users to control an app and online meetings without ever having to type on their devices or look for particular buttons.

What else does gesture recognition allow?

Using gesture recognition, Zoom users can perform many actions simply by moving their hands and making certain gestures.

To start or stop recording, zoom in or out, mute or unmute yourself, or raise your hand, all you need to do is make the appropriate gesture while looking at the webcam.

How to raise your hand during a Zoom call with gestures?

The process is similar for all devices, here is the manual:

1) Join a Zoom meeting with your camera turned on.

2) Simply raise your hand and wait for a second till your gesture is recognized.

3) When you notice a hand icon above the reactions button, it means your gesture has been recognized correctly.

Note: Use only your left hand on the left side of the screen and the right hand on the right. Keep your palm flat, facing straight into the camera. Otherwise, it may not be recognized correctly.

Whoosh: upgraded gesture recognition and more

While gesture recognition has been around for a while, it's only now starting to gain traction with consumers due to the increasing popularity of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps. You should definitely discover one of them. For example, start with Whoosh.

What is Whoosh?

Whoosh is a powerful solution for video conferencing for enterprises, small businesses, startups, HR and sales departments, and EdTech. It offers a unique approach to online meetings, aiming at making them more comfortable, engaging, and fatigue-free. With AI-driven features like a scheduling assistant, photorealistic avatars, 3D backgrounds, Mementos, and, of course, progressive gesture recognition, Whoosh helps you communicate better with your colleagues, customers, and students.

Why switch to Whoosh?

If you're tired of Zoom and are looking for other robust solutions for business, Whoosh is the way to go. Just take a look at the unique features waiting for you inside:

  • Full-HD video and supreme sound quality
    Whoosh is the best video chat app for making online gatherings feel like you're right there with the person you're talking to. With Full-HD video and enhanced audio, your conversations will become more natural and realistic than ever before. While audio stream separation and background noise canceling will make it easy to work in groups and stay focused on the conversation, even in noisy environments.

  • Impressive AI-driven features
    Whoosh comes packed with AI-powered tools that will make your video calls even more enriching and fun. Gesture recognition allows you to control your meeting environment with simple hand gestures that you can use for hand-raising and sending emojis. And its gorgeous touch-up tools will always make you look ready to work.
  • Unique presenter tools
    Get the best out of your meetings with virtual whiteboards and weatherman-style layouts. Create a relaxing atmosphere with immersive 3D backgrounds, and stay on top of your workload by organizing your presentations and webinars into a personal calendar with a smart scheduling assistant!

  • Cloud storage and recordings
    Whoosh takes all the highlights from your video calls and turns them into beautiful, shareable Mementos - short meeting recaps that you can send to team members. No more trying to remember what happened during that long call - Whoosh automatically generates a summary for you!
  • Upscale web security
    Whoosh offers video meetings that are 100% secure. Multiparty encryption, ISO and GDPR compliance, host controls, waiting rooms, and 24/7 network safety monitoring all make this app the ideal choice for businesses that want to ensure the privacy of their data.

To wrap things up

No matter which app you use, Zoom or any other, there should be a hand-raising feature. After all, it's a great way to avoid speaking over each other and ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in the discussion.

But still, if you're not sure that Zoom is the right fit for you, try our solution.

Whoosh is the video chat app for a modern business. With touch-up tools that make you look your best, Whoosh ensures that your next online meeting will be a success. It's easy to use and provides a high-quality video experience that you and your team will love. Schedule your next meeting now and see the difference Whoosh makes.

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