20 Happy Birthday Zoom Backgrounds To Make Your Party Lit

Celebrating birthdays with Zoom is the new norm, and we are here for it! Although we can't physically be around our loved ones to celebrate, we can make the most of our virtual parties with Zoom birthday backgrounds. From festive balloons to colorful confetti, there's a birthday background for every party theme. And the best part? All of these options are absolutely free! So whether you're turning 5 or 50, make sure to set the mood for a fun virtual party with one of these birthday Zoom backgrounds!

20 Happy Birthday Zoom Backgrounds To Make Your Party Lit

Not familiar with Zoom?

It may happen that you've never been on a Zoom call. (Seriously, how could that be?)

Well, if you're unfamiliar with this super-popular app, it's high time to get acquainted. Zoom is a powerful video conferencing tool that can be used for all kinds of online activities, from team meetings to webinars to customer support. You can use it to video chat, start or join webinars, and share a screen for presentations and collaboration. This app also offers features like recording, transcription, touch-up tools, and virtual backgrounds, of course! What's more, you can get started with Zoom in just a few minutes, as it's extremely user-friendly.

The essentials of a virtual birthday party: Zoom background

Although we can't get together for birthdays in person now, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate virtually. With a little creativity, you can organize a fun and memorable virtual birthday celebration for your friends, loved ones, and coworkers.

One of the most important things you'll need for this is a great Zoom background.

What is it?

A Zoom background is an image or video that you can use as your virtual backdrop during a video call. Inside the app settings, you can find a selection of default images, or you can upload your own.

What's the purpose of a Happy Birthday Zoom background?

A pretty nice one! You can use a themed virtual background to add some fun and personality to your online chats, or just to hide your messy room! They are really easy to use and set up, so you can turn a virtual celebration into a truly engaging party!

What's more, a Happy Birthday Zoom background is the perfect way to show your loved ones, friends, or teammates how much you care about them on their special day. It's a fun and unique way to wish them a happy birthday, and it will make their day even more special.

Such a photo will not only put your loved one's birthday celebration in a happy mood, but it'll also make it more memorable. When they look back on that day, they'll remember the Zoom video call where they saw your smiling face and heard your greetings. And that's the best kind of birthday memory.

20 fascinating birthday party backgrounds to try

No birthday party would be complete without a stunning backdrop! Whether you're going for a fun and festive feel or a more elegant look, there are plenty of great options to choose from. And to help you out, we've rounded up 20 of our favorite birthday party backgrounds to add to Zoom birthday celebrations. From colorful balloons to romantic lights, there's something for everyone on this list. Here we go!

1) Check Out the Desserts!

Arjun MJ/Unsplash

Mmm... What is that smell? Birthday cake and cupcakes, that's right! How about setting this background for Zoom on your special day to make all your guests drool?

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (5760 x 3840)

2) Happy Birthday, Mickey!

Brian McGowan/Unsplash

Why not choose this colorful backdrop for your teammate's next virtual birthday party? And it doesn't matter at all how old they are - everyone loves Mickey!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (6000 x 4000)

3) The Rainbow Balloons

Adi Goldstein/Unsplash

Look, it's birthday balloons! If you can't have a party offline and all you can do is invite guests to a virtual birthday, this picture is a great addition to your Zoom gathering. It's festive, bright, and colorful.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (7731 x 5157)

4) The Golden Birthday

TheMIS Photography/Unsplash

Gold tinsel, pink flags. This classy backdrop will be perfect for an elegant birthday greeting to your colleagues or even your boss. Why don't you try setting it on their special day?

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (5184 x 3456)

5) The Feast of Colorful Balloons

Adi Goldstein/Unsplash

And balloons again! No birthday is complete without them. No matter how old you are, these colorful bubbles will always create a festive mood and bring you back to your childhood. So feel free to download this background and add it to your Zoom.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1571)

Download in original size (6479 x 5304)

6) Ready to Join Our Party?

Lidya Nada/Unsplash

What a vibrant image! Remember your birthday parties with friends in childhood? Why not do something like that again today? Get ready to put on your party hats, blow bubbles, and eat the world's tastiest cake.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (4840 x 3227)

7) Dinosaurs Also Wear Birthday Party Hats

Joyce Adams/Unsplash

Hey, the dinosaurs are not extinct! Look, here they are celebrating their birthday, too. There's cake, decorations, and party hats. If you decided to have a fun party, this background is for you!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1402)

Download in original size (4532 x 3311)

8) It's My Birthday!

Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi/Unsplash

Ready to tell the whole world (or rather the conference) that today is your birthday? Then feel free to download this background and don't forget to add it to Zoom when the X-day comes.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1243)

Download in original size (3680 x 2384)

9) The Birthday Lights

Andrew Knechel/Unsplash

Decorate your party with flags, lights, and candles to create a cheerful and festive mood. This lovely background will certainly help with that :)

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1440)

Download in original size (5184 x 3888)

10) Make a Wish

Benjamin Wong/Unsplash

Do you make a wish when you blow out the candle on the cake? And when a star falls? It's not a starry sky or a cake, of course, but those shimmering lights can make wishes come true, too. Set them as a background on Zoom and try.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (4465 x 2977)

11) Shine Bright


What a shiny backdrop for the birthday person, it's definitely worth a shot! Just choose it as a background for Zoom and you'll be the big star of the party.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (6000 x 4000)

12) Black & Yellow Birthday


If you want to cheer up your colleague, friend, or relative, just choose this background for your online celebration. There are balloons, flags, and even the number 1 (just in case they want to forget their real age).

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (4791 x 3194)

13) Balloons in Watercolor


Add some artistic decorations to your virtual birthday celebration with this watercolor image. And if you have an artist on your team or any of your friends, they're sure to love it!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1355)

Download in original size (2000 x 1412)

14) Birthday Confetti


Nobody thinks about the person who has to clean up all that confetti, paper, and different colored things after the party is over. Fortunately, with a virtual backdrop, this hassle is easily avoided!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (5184 x 3456)

15) A Million Lights


Here's another version of birthday lights. Just in case you want something super-colorful, super-eye-catching, and super-sparkling, this variant is for you!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1279)

Download in original size (5000 x 3333)

16) Let's Make It a Carnival

Chris Lawton/Unsplash

What do you like most - cozy home birthdays or noisy get-togethers somewhere in town? If the second option is closer to you, then take this background to your collection!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1178)

Download in original size (5932 x 3642)

17) The Sweet Tooth

Alexander Grey/Unsplash

Are you a sweet tooth? If yes, you should definitely choose this image as a Zoom background! Thus, everyone will know the cake can't be left alone with you. Others just won't get it!

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (5616 x 3744)

18) Pink, Pink, and Pink

Jason Leung/Unsplash

Are you in the mood for a pink birthday? Then we've found this image for you! These rosy pink balloons are going to turn every online meeting into a glamour soirée.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (6000 x 4000)

19) Lovely Birthday Dreams

Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi/Unsplash

And confetti setting again! If you still don't like any of the backgrounds, choose this one. It's both stylish and festive, and it's suitable for any birthday, whether it's a colleague's or the boss's special day.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1237)

Download in original size (5000 x 3222)

20) How About Some Chocolate?

Nick Fewings/Unsplash

Are you more into sweets than a birthday cake? If the first option describes you better, then choose this backdrop for your party. We guarantee that when the celebration is over, you'll be heading to the corner store for some sweets.

Download for Zoom (1920 x 1280)

Download in original size (5184 x 3456)

No time for downloads? Try Whoosh!

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Whoosh is the new kid on the block when it comes to video conferencing platforms. And it's quickly making a name for itself with its built-in animated backgrounds. That's right - no need to download or install anything. And there is a free plan available! Just open Whoosh and start using one of the many beautiful and fun backgrounds available. Like that with dancing cats:

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