The Best Discord Alternatives You Should Try

These days you’ll hardly find a company that doesn’t use a conference call service. It’s a true must-have in the era of remote work and communication. Discord is one of the most popular chat applications available today. It was created in 2015 and has since been used by millions of people, including gamers, content creators, and business professionals. The app is known for its voice and text chat features, as well as its wide range of collaboration tools that users love. However, there may be times when you need to look for an alternative to this app. In this article, we will explore five of the best alternatives to Discord. Let’s start!

The Best Discord Alternatives You Should Try

What about Discord?

Discord has been around for some time. Since its launch in 2015, it has become extremely popular among gamers and digital artists, being an awesome free tool where gamers could stream how they play games, while artists and designers could share their artworks. 

Nowadays, Discord remains one of the most popular VoIP platforms with a huge audience, which is not limited to gamers but also includes employees from various spheres, ranging from business to education.

However, this app is not as ideal as it may seem.

Why would you hunt for Discord alternatives?

On the whole, Discord is a perfect option for online team communication, but some of its flaws may spoil a virtual experience forcing you to look for alternative video chat apps that provide better service. Let’s take a look at what’s wrong with it:

  1. Discord isn’t the right option for medium and large enterprises, being not suitable for professional needs, like task assigning, holding large-scale online meetings, or integrating with other services.
  2. Users face numerous errors while using Discord. Frequent system failures might play on your nerves. 
  3. Discord had many security issues in the past, including chat bombarding, harassment, and server raids. The developers claim they’ve solved those problems, but it may be a dangerous signal for business owners.

Taking this all into consideration, it’d be better to have some alternatives to Discord in mind. 

Our team tested many apps the market offers and composed a list of the most reliable and effective solutions for business conference calls and remote communication.

5 best alternatives to Discord you should definitely try

While Discord is great for voice and text chat, there are a few alternatives that might work better for you. Here are five:

1) Whoosh

Whoosh is a brand-new app for arranging Full-HD audio and video calls with impressive sound quality. Its main difference from Discord is that it provides users with a convenient virtual workspace with a wide range of high-end features that make online meetings as realistic as face-to-face ones. 

The primary goal of the Whoosh team is to improve the quality of video conferencing so that more people talk with the cameras on. Did you know that almost half of the remote professionals (49%), which is about 32 million people, reported they struggle with "Zoom fatigue", a feeling of being extremely exhausted after numerous video calls? It's a tremendous problem for today's business world.

That's why the Whoosh developers are doing their best to make video calls as comfortable as possible for users. To do this, they introduce several innovative features based on artificial intelligence, designed to turn working and talking with the turned-on camera into a calm and stress-free activity.

Take a look at the key features of Whoosh:

High-quality video and audio calls

Talking on Whoosh is a remarkable experience thanks to its Full-HD video quality and splendid sound. The developers have added two unique features that you can hardly find on any other similar app - audio stream splitting and background noise muting. The first one allows dividing meeting participants into groups where they communicate without interfering with other groups. The second feature reduces all irritating sounds - kids shouting, music playing or annoying neighbors talking. 

AI-powered tools 

Whoosh boasts the latest features based on artificial intelligence. They help fulfill the app's mission of getting people to participate in actual VIDEO meetings. The service offers the Touch Up your Look tool, which highlights your natural beauty, making you always look stunning. Moreover, during video calling, you can try to change your normal backdrop to an immersive virtual 3D background to hide anything you don't want the other participants of the call to notice.

Mementos: cloud recordings

Using AI, Whoosh automatically generates a highlights reel of your video call complete with all the key moments and conversation highlights that you can save to cloud storage. By using this handy feature, you can save time without having to rewatch long-lasting conferences you weren’t able to join. AI analyzes a recording, picks all the significant details, and creates a short video mashup with a transcript without any information loss.

Professional web security

Despite other online applications, Whoosh doesn’t have any security issues. It’s fully protected by the latest security tools, including end-to-end encryption, proven global certifications (ISO, PCI-DSS, SOC, HITRUST CSF, and CSA STAR), and uses Web RTC open web standard, supported by such giants of the industry as Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

Cross-platform support

Whoosh is available on any platform you use: macOS, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Moreover, it’s really easy to switch between devices. The service offers a meeting host to share an access link, using which anyone can join a meeting in a few taps, skipping the registration process. 

These are just a few features of the platform. After downloading it and choosing an appropriate subscription plan, you’ll get access to a remote workplace fully equipped with everything you need for productive remote work.

2) Slack

Slack is widely known as a convenient corporate platform where every employee is given a personal workspace. It boasts more than 10 million daily users. The app’s interface looks very similar to Discord as well as all the voice chat and messaging tools. But in general, it’s geared towards a more professional look without all the gamer stuff. Instead, you can find the following useful features inside:

Video and audio conference calls

Slack offers high-quality virtual gatherings, but the number of active participants is strictly limited to 15, being not really convenient for large enterprises with many employees. While making a call, users can also share a screen, draw on it, and choose between screens they want to show. 

Messaging tools

Slack is perfect for team communication. Using the app, you can talk in private chats, text to chatbots, search through the message history, join conversations in public channels, mention other colleagues using @name, share files, video clips, and audio messages, and even send custom emojis. 

Slack Connect

This feature allows you to keep in touch with anyone outside of your organization - partners, clients, or investors. The process is quite easy - you create a channel and send an invite. Moreover, you can contact more than 100,000 popular companies, using Slack, including Uber, Airbnb, Autodesk, and Peloton.

A wide range of integrations

Despite Discord, Slack provides its clients with more than 2,200 third-party apps that can be integrated with the service. This allows getting updates, using data and files, or scheduling events without jumping between applications. 

Slack and Discord are both chat applications that allow for communication among teams. They both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, which can make it difficult to decide which one to choose for your business. Slack is better for large teams as it offers more features and integrations than Discord. Additionally, Slack is more organized and easier to navigate than Discord. However, Discord is better for smaller teams as it is more affordable and has a simpler interface.

3) Flock

Flock is a modern collaboration platform for at-home teams that includes everything a remote worker needs to be productive and keep in touch with colleagues and clients. It comes with project management tools, live chat, and other collaboration features. So if you’re searching for an app like Discord but with advanced functionality to help organize your files, documentation, messages, and information in a centralized virtual place, Flock is a good choice for you. Its key features include:

Team messenger

With Flock, you can easily start a one-on-one conversation in a private chat or take part in a group talk on a public channel. This feature looks similar to that of Slack, but Flock comes with additional tools: anonymous polls, notes, reminders, code snippets, and more.

Video and audio calls

You can set up a conference call from any device you use and invite up to 20 participants to join you. Moreover, you can send voice messages without any limitations. Screen sharing is also available.


Like other apps, Flock offers 60+ integrations, including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Github, Dropbox, and Trello. What is more, the platform allows you to build custom integrations and apps via the Flock API.

Advanced security

Flock is hosted by Amazon Web Services, meaning you can feel secure while communicating online. Also, it uses TLS data encryption, follows the SOC 2 certification, and strictly monitors data security and user rights.

All in all, Flock is a great option that was designed specifically for businesses. It's secure, easy to use, and very user-friendly. Plus, it has better voice quality than Discord, and its text chat is much faster and more reliable.

4) Chanty

Chanty combines the features of an online communication platform and a task management service. So users can organize virtual meetings and talk in chats like on Slack, and at the same time assign tasks like on Asana. Moreover, Chanty offers integrations with many popular platforms such as Google Drive, Zapier, Github, MailChimp, and others. 

Its top features include:

Instant messaging

Using the app, you can talk in a real-time chat with other team members, share files, @mention colleagues, send code snippets, pin interesting ideas and important updates, and share social media content. 

Task management

On Chanty, you can easily transform any message into a task and assign it to anyone from your team or start collaborating on it together. Moreover, you can discuss tasks, filter them by assignee, date, or status, and set deadlines. 

HD video and audio conferencing

Working remotely, you can easily hop on a video or voice-only call, enjoying high-quality video and outstanding sound. If there’s no time to call, just send a voice message to your colleagues and take part in the discussion even on the go.

Clear interface with Kanban board view

Chanty has a good reputation thanks to its clear intuitive interface and built-in Kanban board. It helps to visualize every process, structuring all the information in columns or cards. 

Chanty is a fast-growing communication platform that's perfect for small businesses and remote teams. It has all the features that you need to keep in touch with your teammates, including chat, video calls, and file sharing.

5) Wire

Wire is an open-source alternative to Discord claiming to be the safest app for remote collaboration. It has gained a reliable reputation among businesses all over the globe for secure messaging, video conferencing, voice calls, file and screen sharing - all guarded by end-to-end encryption and European security laws. 

Its top features include:


The Wire software includes modern messaging tools where your team can talk in 1:1 or group chats, share texts, files, and record voice messages. The app supports special types of messages - self-destructing texts, pings, and location sharing. 


With Wire, you can easily organize an online meeting of superb video and audio quality via its desktop or mobile apps. Furthermore, the service includes a feature of noise and disruption reduction by removing participants from the virtual room. A meeting host can mute participants and disable video or screen share.

Team management

The platform includes a team management board, where administrators can control everything happening on the app: change settings, delete and invite people, and add third-party services.


Working with Wire, you can integrate other services your team uses on a daily basis: cloud storage, calendars, development tools, customer retention and support platforms, and financial and marketing services. 

Upscale security

On Wire, everything starting from a single message and ending with your personal data are secured by the latest web protection tools: end-to-end encryption, GDPR/CCPA compliance, Zero Trust architecture, and secure waiting rooms. This app is used in governmental organizations, so we’re sure that it’s 100% safe.

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable Discord alternative for hosting virtual meetings and keeping in touch with your remote team, Wire is a perfect option for your team. It is professionally secured and open-source, meaning that you can find the entire app code on the Github website.

Final words

Even with our list, it can be challenging to find the right app for your business team. To guide you in this way, we offer a quick manual on how to choose the best tool for your company. Check out the following tips:

1. Choose an all-in-one service

Some apps from our list, like Whoosh or Slack, are supreme multifunctional platforms, offering all the necessary features for productive remote work and communication: video and audio conferencing, screen and file sharing, instant messaging, and integration with other apps. Having such a platform at hand is highly convenient. It saves much time on jumping between various apps, logging in each time, and dealing with settings. Briefly put, the more tools an app has, the better for your productivity.

2. Listen to your team

When looking through suggestions, think of your team’s needs and demands. Each person is different, with their own skills and background. Some may be good with an advanced platform, but some may want something simpler. The ideal option is to choose a user-friendly app with an adaptive interface and intuitive functionality. This will save you time on additional training and possible frustrations. 

3. Don’t forget about web security

Remember about the problems with security Zoom users faced? Or maybe you have an experience with hacked email? Unfortunately, no one feels 100% protected while surfing the net, unless… They have an app with professional web security tools. Remember about this threat and download only reliable apps that use proven global certifications, like Whoosh or Wire.

4. Think about your future needs

Your company will develop and one day the capabilities of a certain app won’t be enough to satisfy all your needs. Think of that in advance, look through suggested subscription plans and choose wisely. After all, many services offer free or freemium plans to try their features and decide whether they suit your needs and budget or not.

Bearing in mind all these tips, you can imagine an appropriate app for your business. Take this ideal concept and look through the market offers. Be sure - there’s a perfect app waiting for you.

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