Enjoy next-level meetings

Combat virtual meeting fatigue using our <a href="#" class="link-bg-white">AI and ML-based</a> technology. We've taken online meetings to a whole new level, making them more engaging, inclusive, fun and interactive.


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Get Whoosh!

Switch up the background

Tinker with the background and use real-time AR filters to make your video calls more enjoyable.

Party with games online

Ramp up the fun on video calls with dozens of online games for small and large companies. Easily connect with friends and play games together.

Working with gestures

Use gestures to control anything and everything during your video calls! Our gesture recognition software allows you to:

Use gestures to control the presentation

Change color and transparency

Interpret gestures

Beautify yourself

Use integrated beautification that work in real-time to change your look online and make you feel stunning!

100% secure communication

Our excellent data encryption allows you to communicate securely with your friends, family and your colleagues. No one has any access to your conversations, not even the Whooshteam!