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Bring interactivity and engagement to each second spent online. AI-powered features, leading-edge collaboration tools, immersive backgrounds - everything to keep your camera on.

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Distance is no longer an obstacle between you and the rest of the world.
With Whoosh every minute online is just as good as face-to-face gatherings.

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Creating 3D backgrounds with setted up lighting, animated video textures and ambient sounds to create full immersion and use it as a great ice breaking tool together with an enlarging amount of people enabling cameras.

It’s high time to upgrade your videoconferencing experience and look camera-ready 24/7 without much effort. Our high-end camera lenses are here to digitally airbrush your image and improve your visual appearance in real-time.

Receive a unique short video mashup of everything that took place, based on AI analysis of the video and a text transcript of what was said to save time and note taking. Now everyone will be sure that nothing is missed through the meeting.

Discussing something during the speaker’s presentation is now possible. Communicate with anyone while the main speaker is talking. With this kind of audio splitting, you will continue to hear the speaker, but the volume level decreases. Preference is given to the one on whom your attention is focused.

Get your best video experience without turning your camera on even on slow connections with photo realistic avatars, background replacement, and voice changer. Provide customer support without revealing your face and at the same time remain recognizable.

Combine and move background and speaker video streams. Use videos, slides, websites, third-party streaming services as backgrounds, add picture to the video and use gestures to start animations or change slides. Presenting has never been on this level of engagement.

Separate audio streams

To keep hearing the speaker at lower volume, yet be able to talk to other listeners 1:1 without having to leave the conf.

Mix classic online meetings with AI

Powerful camera, immersive virtual backgrounds, emotion and gesture assessment, a smart assistant - everything created for a fruitful video conference.

100% secure communication

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Wide Range of Security Certificates

  • Fully based on proven web protection standards
  • Secured with ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, SOC, HITRUST, and CSA STAR
  • Protected by HITRUST CSF, and CSA STAR
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Latest Encryption Algorithms

  • Uninterrupted P2P & multiparty encryption of sensitive voice and video traffic
  • Secure Real-time Transport Protocol with AES cipher for all media traffic
  • DTLS-SRTP protocol for key negotiation
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Advanced Customer Data Protection

  • 24/7/365 network safety monitoring
  • Adhering to global privacy standards and regulations through GDPR principles
  • Unique session ID for each new meeting